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  1. Hey All, I'm wondering if an Apo scope is really needed when doing narrow band imaging or if an acro scope will be able to do the job just as well. Will the color fringing of an acro degrade the image quality compared to an apo? Thanks, Miguel
  2. Well it has been a while since I have been on this forum but I have not been Idle. I have purchased some Explore Scientific eyepieces and a couple of barlows along with a few other small items to go along with my kit. The big thing is that I did finally order an Orion AZ/EQ-G mount. It will be shipped out this Friday and hopefully arrive before the end of next week. I'll keep you posted.
  3. Are you using EQMod with or without the handset? Miguel
  4. Binning is simple using several photosites (not pixels) to create a larger photosite. In your case if you were to use a 3x3 bin then one pixel (in the image) would cover (3*0.36) 1.08 arcsecs. A 3x3 bin would combine the information of 9 photosites (3 wide x 3 high) into one pixel. The image would be smaller but the "resolution" would be the same.
  5. Try imaging the moon with your setup, you should be able to get some real nice detail. Try different binning. Miguel
  6. Hello coolraiser103, When you say "increasing image resolution" i assume that you mean that you want to see more detail of small scale structures in the final image. If so, the only way that you can do this is to get a bigger telescope.....with a larger aperture. Your telescope is capable of resolving about 1 arcsec, the full width of Saturn and it's rings are only about 37 arcsecs. Here is some information that may help to explain... http://www.astro-imaging.com/Tutorial/Calculations.html Miguel
  7. That's a very nice image of Jupiter and three moons. Nice work. I'm trying to get an image like this but the sky has not been cooperating lately, maybe tomorrow night will be the night. Miguel
  8. Dyptorden, does this little girl want a telescope or is it you that wants her to have one? I myself nearly always buy what I want the little ones (and myself) to have, sometimes I hit the nail on the head and sometimes I get a near miss and other times I may as well be on another planet. Either way a telescope is a good gift, if she losses interest (after all she is only 5) then it can be put away until she is older. Better for her to have a scope now even if she doesn't use it much until later then to never have one. All the information above is very valid. Trying to stoke interest in something like astronomy with a five year old will always be a hit or miss proposition. I suggest a simple frac with an alt/az mount. But then again that fun (and classic) scope that Steppenwolf suggested would be pretty cool for a little kid, even I like it. Miguel
  9. And I Imagine another shipping charge to get it back. Are they going to fix it in BC or are they sending it to China? Miguel
  10. You can buy the Shoestring EQDIR connectors and cable at http://www.opticstar.com/ which is in the UK. Make sure you buy the correct cables, you don't want to kill your mount. Miguel
  11. It hasn't happened until we see the (astro) photos. I'll check back on Monday! Congratulations, Miguel
  12. I'm not sure I understand why you want/need to use the hand controller when EQMOD has everything (i think) that you need. I don't have a mount yet but I have done my homework on EQMOD and so I do not plan to use the hand controller. Is there something that I am missing? Miguel
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