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  1. my calender has the moon at first quarter 21:27 UT 14th October and apogee for the 18th october@ 18:00 UT (universal time). Not sure if thats much help.
  2. Hello as an electrician who regular wires outhouses and large installations on houses i only wish i could afford i would say 16mm for a 70m run is about right. Volt drop and the effect on the Earth loop impedance are the main considerations, its a radial so 16mm is about right. As for the amount of sockets obviously discretion is applied based on the fact its unlikely you'll be drawing 13amps per socket. 17th edition regs as of last year basically dictate that all new installations have to be on an Rcbo's including lighting unless chased in aluminium conduit. However as i would imagine you've got an older fuse board an installation of an rcbo will cover any issues. Rule of thumb for sockets is you can technically install as many sockets on a ring as you like within 100 square meters on a 32amp supply as long as you don't exceed 7200watts, and i believe a maximum of 12 sockets on a radial. I'd probably just pop a 40amp MCB in the board and if its not got an RCD i.e isn't at least a 16th edition board install a 32amp RCBO. RCBO is a single device which combines the functions of an MCB (overcurrent and short-circuit protection) and an RCD (Earth leakage protection). Hope that helps. And i'm quite jealous you have an Observatory
  3. Just got in from the garden myself really was a beautiful starry sky t-nite. Aside from seeing some nice meteors and the odd green one (most we're fast and white) its also a great event to get those people who aren't into astronomy into the garden. T-nite i had my gf and some friends over and i showed them Gemini, Orions belt, taurus and pliedes. I was also explaining sirius etc. Btw what's the orange star to the east of Gemini?
  4. Amanda its mad, there's just so much going on up there and its all quite unexplainable. When i got into Astronomy i almost felt enlightened just due to the fact most people are asleep not looking up at stars. WHen you quote figures/numbers and come out with some fact like Betelguese being as large as our planets distant to Jupiter people either don't understand you or are quite shocked etc etc. I've got the bug, end of the months pay packet will be treating me to a 10" newtonian for sure!!
  5. Directly above i have fairly dark skies i'd say, its on the horizons i struggle due to the Sodium Pressure lamps that throw up a fair bit of orange haze. In the philips book it does have pictures etc but its as if they've cramped all the constellations onto one page they look so much smaller (obviously) but you don't realise just how much bigger they are. Also do stars rise and fall like the sun or we talking rotation here? i.e anti clockwise? its just all my books have a rotational arrow going anti clockwise and say the plough it seems to come over my house from a North east setting towards northwest or west of my house. Not seen capella yet and Deneb is supposedly quite bright but it didn't seem a patch on Vega if i'm honest. Onwards and upwards i guess.
  6. No flashing lights these's we're very high moved very smoothly and tbh looked just like a moving star. So i'm going to say Satellite..
  7. Well i've not bought a scope, but t-nite (and i've only just come inside 2:50am whoops) i had a great nights observing with the binoculars. THe moon came up quite late but it didn't stop me. Using my Philips book i was able to successfully locate The plough making sure with the double star Mizar and Alcor. I also saw a faint blurb of light below Alkaid i'd like to think it was M51 but not sure if i can see that blur with binoculars. Moving on i located an orange looking star which i think was Arcturus but it was heading towards the horzion. After that i got very confused my books show everything on a much smaller scale and sometimes its hard to work out just what is what. But i finally worked out vega was up above me so i found vega, again i use double stars to check that i have the correct constellation. I then managed to move over and find Deneb and observer what i believe was the milky way again this is through Binoculars. Then i believe i found Delphinus and Aquila with Altair being very bright. All in all i'm very excited and was very happy with my observations. I just now need to take the plunge and get a go to new 10" and i'll be set. P.S i observerd two lights/objects moving at a steady pace, i'm assuming these we're satelites? one came from west to south east and another from north to south. Regards Nic.
  8. thanks guys been in touh with First light optics.. But i did see this.. what do you think? Clearance telescopes Telescopes Celestron c100ed-r inc cg5 eq c/w 2inch tripod or go for the C8-NGT
  9. Well i've been scouring the web t-nite in search of a scope. Narrow downed some options.. i want a scope i can develop with and eventually take astro photos with i've decided. So here goes.. Skywatcher Explorer 150P Dual Axis Motorised Telescope Celestron C6-NGT - Newtonian Reflector Goto Telescope Celestron Omni XLT 120 refractor Telescope Celestron Omni XLT 150 Telescope Package I've lowerd my budget considerably but only as this will be my first ever scope and i really think it may be a little foolish to jump in the deepend. Above choices let me know what you think,.. Regards Nic.
  10. out of interest what would that refractor scope allow you to see?
  11. Does anyone here use a refractor scope and like them? i really hate this whole scope options. I think the problem is even a budget scope is still over £100.00 and you just don't want to waste your money. Without getting to technical or into specifics surely there's some good all rounder scopes that have a bit of everything to offer..
  12. Hello thanks for the replies. Weight isn't a problem i'm young and healthy at 27, aslo i've a semi-prermenant setup as i have a shed in the garden that i'll be modifying the roof on rails trick. Are refractors any good i just like the idea of them to be totaly honest..
  13. Hello my names Nic and i'm new to the forum. Just passing by and looking forward to learning and bugging you more knowledgable astrogazers. Currently in the market for a scope but i've already posted probably under the wrong section about that. best regards Nic.
  14. Hello i've been into Astronomy for some 4 years now having read various books on the subject and mainly using the internet to observer stars its quite mad really that i don't actually have to go into my Garden to see any nebulae, galaxies or most night sky objects as i can see them in great details on the web. However the time has come for me to purchase a scope. I don't want goto as i know my way around the constellations and would rather save on those costs and put more towards the scope or mount. Initially i was thinking refractor but i think i'm swaying towards Newtonian. Primarily my interst will be lying in DSO and maybe saturn and jupiter as a fleeting glance of two of the more impressive planets under the scope. My budget is £800 that include the mount and scope. The option for astro photography is a possibilty as i do own a cannon dslr. Refractor scope would be great as i like the idea of a lower mounted eye piece but i also understand newtonian scopes allow for alot more light gathering. Dob scopes aren't my cup of tea either i prefer something on a mount. I've been going over and over scopes for about 4months now and really i can't decide. So any help is very much appreciated. Also are you allowed to reccomend a retailer i live in Bournemouth but i would more than likely be ordering over the Internet. Regards and happy stargazing Nic..
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