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  1. Nice - what did you take that pic with? After the weather Liverpool has had it's pleasing that it is so clear around my way tonight - got really clear views of Jupiter
  2. Hi, do people keep diarys of what they've seen - if so what do you include - I'm really new to this so it may be a stupid question!
  3. Last night was the first time I managed to have a clear (ish) night where I live - I'm so happy with this I had my laptop to the side of me with stellarium and managed to go through a few constellations and had a really good view of the moon. Anyway the reason for my post is just a thanks on all the post as to what to look for etc being a total beginner!! I am going out later to buy 'turn left at Orion' as I've read that could further my enjoyment/knowledge..... Is there anything else you would recommend? The telescope came with a 10mm, Barlow lens and also a wide angle long eye relief lens - would you recommend any other lens? many thanks for reading and also for the help with your posts!
  4. Thanks ordered one ! Can only help me with being a beginner
  5. Ordered one of these for my first scope should be with me tomorrow - really looking forward to it!!
  6. Thanks for the advice yeah I was looking at that scope last night - it looks like I'll end up getting it as I have seen it mentioned around the forums ion various other posts
  7. Just observing at the moment - I would love to get into the photography side eventually as some of the pictures I've seen are spectacular.....With it being my first scope I'm looking to get one for under £100 do you recommend any?
  8. Hello all - I'm a total newbie to stargazing but I've been interested in space ever since I was a kid.....At the moment I'm looking to buy my first scope nothing too fancy but something decent. Anyway a bit about myself - I'm coming up to 31, from Liverpool and enjoy travelling seeing new places around the World. Be nice to chat to a few of you on these forums and hopefully get some advice on how to further my enjoyment! Cheers!!
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