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  1. Don't forget that you can turn power saving off which really helps, otherwise it does get a bit bright!
  2. I bought a Skywatcher camera adapter for my Finepix F30 last week from First Light Optics. Check out their site, go to accessories and then adapters. It's a really sturdy piece of kit and works well. I've only had chance to take a few images with it so far, and I've also taken a few movies that I've processed in Registax. The movies have given better results so far, thanks to Registax's enhancement processes. I've been amazed at how tweaking the gamma setting really brings out the colours on Jupiter. But then again I am a total novice! Perhaps I should try Photoshop too.
  3. Don't forget that through a smaller scope these galaxies are really, really faint, you could have them in your eyepiece and not notice if you have any light pollution. I found them a few weeks ago by star hopping with an application on my ipod - this works perfectly as you get the reversed eyepiece image to work from. I tried Andromeda a couple of nights ago, that appeared really faint too but it is right next to my friendly neighbourhood street light. Couldn't even use the finder scope as it was just lit up in orange light! Practise makes perfect, once you've found one it gets easier to find others as you get used to how much to move your scope relative to the local stars.
  4. I'm not quite in the same league as Mr Capes, although I can struggle through three doors without dismantling! Unfortunately 'she who must be obeyed' wouldn't put up with two scopes cluttering up the dining room, so I'd need to offload the Tal which is a bit sad. It would also release much needed additional funding. I'd prefer the equatorial mount as I've found this useful, but would also like the additional aperture (I'm probably not the first to be in this quandry!). I have seen an Orion Optics 10 inch Europa on an eq mount with RA drive for somewhere close to my budget and am wondering how these compare?
  5. Thanks for the replies, much appreciated. I just have to decide now on either a new Skyliner 200 or a 2nd hand 200p. If I go new it'll obviously be through FLO, I bought a camera adapter last week off them and was very impressed with the service!
  6. I'd appreciate anyones comments on how my little Tal 1 compares in quality to say a Skywatcher Explorer 150 / 200 or Skyliner 200 dob. I've only had the Tal for a month, but I'm bitten by the bug and therefore have aperture fever! I've found some additional funding, about enough to go for a new Skyliner 200 or bigger second hand item. I've read a lot of comments on how good the Tals are quality wise, and have found mine to be highly satisfactory. I'm hoping I won't see a drop in build quality, or at least not enough for a total novice to notice. I've only ever used the Tal so I'm totally in the dark (not that it gets very dark in my back garden!) where other manufacturers are concerned. I'd like the opportunity to get a better look at the fuzzies, which are just about visible in my location with the Tal, when the moon and planets aren't about. Thanks!
  7. Moderators - the link to this site should be 'stickified'! I found it during a web search after getting my scope and it completely demystified the EQ mount. This is probably the first stumbling block for most newbies, but after literally 5 minutes you realise it's really straightforward. It'd be really usefull in the 'Beginners Help and Advice' section.
  8. Hi - I've got version 1.2. Used it to find M81 and M82 last night which are very faint for me, now I don't need to keep popping inside to consult Stellarium and ruining my night vision!
  9. I've only just started observing the sky and last night found Bode's Galaxy and the Cigar Galaxy (M81 and M82) which are right next to each other. It took about me just under an hour or so to find them but the feeling of achievement is amazing. As I only have a 110mm aperture scope they are very, very faint (very bad light pollution where I am). I used Starmap Pro on the ipod to 'star hop' which is excellent for this as it shows you the reversed eyepiece view. I'd definately get a big dob if I could afford it, otherwise it seems like a lot of money to spend on looking at faint smudges in the sky!
  10. Thanks for that, I shall give it a go!
  11. I've just bought a cheap Meade 2x barlow for use in my Tal 1. Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be enough 'in' travel on the focuser to get the image anywhere near focused. Presumably there's no way to rectify this, and should be put down to experience? The supplied Tal 3x barlow obviouslyworks fine, looks like I shall need to contact FLO and order a Tal 2x barlow.
  12. I've just installed the StarmapPro application and would highly recommend this to all beginners trying to find what they're looking for! What's really usefull for me is the eyepiece mode which gives you an actual representation of what you'll see through the ep (after you've input your telescope's apperture, focal length, and all eps you use). You are able to 'zoom' in and out by virtually swapping eyepieces and barlows. What really makes it useful is that you can flip the eyepiece view to suit your finder scope or eyepiece orientation. As a newbie I find this an exellent feature so I don't have to keep mentally reversing the star map. The application also has the biggest set of options I've seen for an iPod app, even puts Stellarium to shame! Mind you, it's not cheap (for an app that is) but definately worth it IMHO. http://www.star-map.fr/manualPro.pdf
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong, but presumably in most cases where images of planets have been posted they've been processed, enhanced and enlarged. This would give a misleading impression on what you'd actually see through the eyepiece? My maximum magnification at the moment is 160x which requires a 15mm eyepiece and a 3x barlow. This gives a good view of the banding on Jupiter, although I'd like to go to a higher mag and to this end have just bought a 2x barlow to go with a 6.4mm eyepiece which should be with me soon (thanks to ebay!).
  14. I think I'm with you crovax - a satellite seems the most likely explanation.
  15. Jake - I thought there may be a very small possibility that it was related, not the impact object itself but a secondary object. Would have been pretty cool to have seen that. arad85 - the speed of movement was bothering me too, although it may have been two seconds it would still have been moving pretty quickly! My gut feeling is that it wasn't a bird or a plane, although I'll keep an eye on the local flight paths into and out of BHX.
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