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  1. Hi all. Moonfish 2" x2 Barlow has anyone any thoughts or used one
  2. . Well these are some of the issue's am trying to work out , have explained a little more in the post below this one. Something am trying not to do is get too much gear and then find I hardly use it. But whatever I do get I would prefer quality over cost , having said that not pay just for a name when a cheaper option is just as good or very nearly.
  3. . I suppose I was looking at 2" over 1.25 because I was assuming I might get to lose the benefit of having the extra light coming into the 1.25 eyepiece over the 2" when observing planets Ect .I do have a standard 25 and 10 MM plossl. Also the Hyperion clickstop zoom Mklll. Still quiet new to understanding what works best or better with what, but starting to build up a few usfull pieces of equipment.
  4. I have a 14" f4.5 Skywatcher moving up from an Orion 6". With that I have a Nirvana 28mm UWA 82 Deg and a couple of usfull filters . However am looking for a couple more 2" eyepieces medium and higher power. Have looked and read up on things, but if anyone has any thoughts of a good route to take with eye pieces for this size tube I be most great full for any input. Belong to a club who have ep's I can try but extra options idea's are always usfull. Many thx in advance.
  5. For my feet. Fourth element socks ,slightly thicker socks on top and Kamik Boots. Thermal Base layer, Fourth Element leggings and top , woolly jumper/cardigan and windproof top coat. Hat and gloves are both Thinsulate. Cannot say i worry about handling things as in the UK very rarely does it ever get so cold as to not allow bare hands handling for any fiddly stuff , gloves on the whole can be replaced pretty quickly. yet to figure out something for my nose that does not make me look a complete Lemon haha. Of course not forgetting refreshments :-) . coffee hot chocolate (biccies too). A go
  6. yeah this is the one I read , found very informative.
  7. Thank you for the replies . Have read a quiet few reports on the filters one of which was quiet thorough. Overall I felt it was the OIII that produced a little more than UHC over a wider range of objects , but not by very much to be honest and of course it is always down to the person viewing. I have opted for the Skywatcher OIII, Price was a one thing , but even at the higher end of the market price wise I was informed that twice the price did not get me double the results so as a first it is good start I think to be going on with. What I need now is the moon to disappear :-) and of course c
  8. Decided some time ago not to do astrophotography for the foreseeable future , very interested in Deep Sky observing. Baring that in mind I decided to buy a 14" f4.5 Skywatcher. Added to that I have purchased a UWA 82 Deg Nirvana 28mm EP . So having sorted that out I have come to Filters. Looked at many reviews looking at OIII or UHC. Most reviews I read have been done on medium sized scopes. On the larger apperture is one more favourable over the other, at the present am leaning towards OIII, any information opinions on these would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I to be honest have not much experience , bought a little 6" reflector, came with the same 10 and 25mm EP's. What i did do however was to spend a little more on a very usefull EP The Htperion Clickstop Zoom 8-24mm am also looking at a barlow 2.5 . The clickstop is a superb ep and saves buying lots of differing ones with the barlow expands it by a very decent amount. Although not cheap for a beginner ,it does make things much simpler no changing ep's to experiment , just need a 32mm to complete for me ,a beginner all i need for the forseeable future. Do enjoy your scope does take a little pra
  10. Could not get the link up on this Ronl
  11. No i agree keep the smaller for that quick out back chance we all like ..
  12. So many people love and not want to change telescope 8" reflector ,4" refractor Ect Ect. All things being equal we are talking average you and me amature astronomer here , well in my case well less than average haha, if you could, would you change that explorer 200p you rave about and say could not wish for a better scope to say a skyliner synscan 400p or the Orien version of the same thing whatever make. Would you change to that monster of a scope if possible. Just wondering how many being honest with themselves would actually say Nawwww , love my little scope. Oh and there is no bumming lo
  13. This Thread has moved on since i was last on. Thanks for all the unput very interesting reading peoples different views on this. Only been looking at the planets the Moon and M45 upto this point. Have a think on what you have all said and go from there. Thanks again all.
  14. Yeah i understand your point Luke, it would not be a X2 , but a X2.5 thereby giving me the difference in Magnification to maximise the ep use. But still is there minimum quality that all ye of experience would suggest.
  15. I had seen that Dav , but as earlier stated by Paul a Zoom Barlow seemed a little much baring in mind i have a zoom on the eye piece why would i need a zoom on a Barlow. Only having a 6" f5 scope would it actually benefit from having extra zoom on the Barlow rather than a normal Barlow.
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