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  1. Haha. Yeah good luck to you too. Where are you based?
  2. Clent hill? Tried that. Didn't consider south facing aspect. But still a bit close. I wanna look at dso. Thanks for the suggestions. Cloudy at the moment so will check these out over the weekend
  3. Thanks Ronin.. will check these out too.. I'm central bham jewellery quarter.The suggested areas are relitivly close. I can find places that look dark. It's just the sky is orange...
  4. I've had thick cloud for over a week! I'm gonna say the weather is picking on me
  5. Thanks all. Will Check out the suggested spots. Looking at that map laser posted looks like Wales is the way forward in the long.
  6. Anyone suggest anywhere within driving distance near Birmingham. So much yellow and orange in the sky. I can't even see stars!! Thanks
  7. Oh.. unless your not talking to me. Lol
  8. Hi. I got a skyliner 200p dob mount. No camera. I have a samsung note4 I just put my phone near the eye piece, moved it around a little n got the pics. Works better on bright objects like the moon. Jupiter is much better through the EP. I will try connecting my dslr up to it eventually. Not ready yet tho
  9. Thank you all very much. I will do some research on some eye pieces. If everyone is ok with me posting some questions here if I come across any? I did buy this scope for dso's but since I'm very few to this the moon and Jupiter were two very easy targets. Thanks again for all of the information it's muchly appreciated.
  10. Do I need a 12mm an 8mm and a Barlow then?
  11. Oh I didn't realise you could get goto dobs. Mine is manual.
  12. Ah that's great thanks for the replies. I do mean the image through the eye piece n not the camera. I will get an 8mm lense next then. Thanks for the Barlow information would you suggest I get one of these as well? I understand magnification isn't king. I just want maybe another 1/4 of an inch bigger, for a little more detail. I see a lot more than is in that pic I posted. I just wanted to show roughly what I see.
  13. Hello Everyone! I hope everyone had a great holiday n managed to get out at least once to look at the sky! I've been quite lucky; my Mrs bought me a scope for Christmas n I've managed to get at least two good viewing sessions. I am a complete newbie at this however, I did get a great view of Jupiter last night. It was very still so I could see a lot of detail and all 4 moons. Where I would like some help is simply with the quality of the image. I have a dob sl 200p 10mm & 25mm lenses that came with it. I just want the image to be a bit closer and a little big bigger. I'm realistic in my e
  14. Hi Belfieldi,Yeah I found Jupiter in the end. Was hiding behind a building til about 11pm. Got to see the colour bands and all 4 moons! Was happy. Had a few friends round and it was very cold so didn't get to look at it for very long. A quick question though. Is there anyway I can make it bigger? I'm using the 10mm lense that came with the scope. I'd expect it to be small just not quite that small. Would a Barlow lense help? What are they for? I understand I should probably start a new thread but thought I'd chance it [emoji6]. Oh n new moon picture
  15. Guys. Bit of a fail. I live in bham UK. It's a very clear light but I can't find anything other than the moon.. any ideas? The app I have says Mars is down and ain't coming up. Moon is out so Uranus is out. Venus and Jupiter ain't there. Any ideas on what I can look at today? I have some books I will start reading tomorrow, I just need a quick fix
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