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  1. I won't be getting a GoTo version,so that ought to be quite fine for me. And as for putting it on a plane,there's no other way to bring it here,so I"m a bit stuck there,haha.Shipping is even less reliable,and things go missing rather often.
  2. Oh,I'm definitely keeping it, it's got one hell of a history behind it, haha. There are some pictures of it in a thread I made quite some time back,when I was looking for advice on bringing it back up into working order, if you're curious. I'd be satisfied with it,but it weighs far too much for me too carry about easily in this kind of heat. (And any modern scope will be much lighter,this thing weighs a ton.A colossal wrought-iron base, and a tube that weighs 8Kg without even a mirror in it)
  3. Hey guys I've been interested in getting myself a fairly large dobsonian, but which is portable enough to carry alone ,I have an ancient 6-inch on an alt-azimuth mount(Quite the relic,belonged to my grandfather, but that's a story for another day, haha I've had my eye on the skyliner 250px for a while now,so I wanted to ask those of you who own a skyliner 250px,either normal or flextube versions, about the weight and size of the scopes in question,and about the weight(as written on the boxes they came in) and the size of those boxes. You see, I'm from Pakistan, and I'll be visiting the UK for a short time in a few weeks, and figured I would indulge myself and get a new telescope. Issue at hand is getting it back in the plane though, and if I could get some weights/measurements beforehand, you would make an astronomer very happy, haha. Oh, and suggestions are very welcome too, if you have any better ideas about what scope I should go for. I do apologize wholeheartedly if this is in the wrong section though, it seemed the most appropriate at the time, but I've not used this site a while, so i'm probably wrong, haha
  4. I cleaned the mirrors and put it back together again,and juat took it for a test run on the moon It works great,it's considerably better than my 4.5inch newtonian I looked through the catalog,while some focusers looked like mine,the thing is, all of the tubes in it are stated to be fibreglass or plastic,my telescope's tube is metal. Here are the pics of the spider and focuser. Thanks for all your help guys!
  5. oh yeah,I forgot to ask. How on earth do I dry it after washing? Cotton? Newspapers? Tissues? Leave it to evaporate?
  6. Nope,none visible anywhere near the mirror,tube,or stand. As far as I can tell,there are no identifying marks on it whatsoever.
  7. Maybe. At any rate,it was given to him by the japanese. He's quite dead now though,and none of his descendants save myself had any interest in astronomy,so there's little chance anyone will know for certain anymore At any rate,even if the mirror is unsalvageable,this mount is a keeper;It's beautiful,and has absurdly good stability.
  8. Actually on closer inspection,both TAL and fullerscopes use counterweights. This doesn't. It has some pulley in the stand instead of a counterweight. I can upload a pic if necessary.
  9. Looks similar to both TAL and fullerscopes The length of the whole tube is 52 inches,and from primary mirror to secondary mirror is about 45 inches. The mirror's diameter is 6 inches.
  10. Sorry about repeating pictures in the above post Also,a bit was cut off earlier It was given to my grandfather after he made a business deal with some japanese,probably in the 70s or 80s
  11. @SnakeyJ No such worries here,this ones got a giant plate of metal strapped to its back,im more worried about it damaging my sink Here are some pics [ attachment=143484:CAM00708~01.jpg] This was given to my great grandfather by some japanese after he made a business deal with them. It was probably in the 70s or 80s
  12. @snakeyj Why the tea towel? I've seen many people recommend it,but I cannot comprehend what difference it makes. I'm trying to post additional pics,but for some reason,my browser keeps crashing. Will see what I can do
  13. Thanks for the advice. @Kropster,the finger mark was caused by somebody else while I wasn't looking I had wanted to figure out the magnification though,but I guess it doesn't make much difference. @Dobfest If It has to be recoated,I'm screwed,I don't think such facilities exist here.
  14. Right,so rinsing it off with boiled water instead of distilled water is a bad idea then?
  15. Recently,I've aqquired my great-grandfathers telescope. It's an old dobsonian,with an aperture of 7.5 inches,and a primary mirror of 6 inches. It was probably made in the 1970s or 1980s. It's been lying outside,in a Verandah,for the past 30 or so years. As a result,it's primary mirror is caked with dirt I wanted to know what the best way was to clean it. I've heard water was good,but I wanted your guys opinions on it beforehand. Oddly enough,it's got a 1.5" slot for eyepieces,and no screws to hold them in. I thought I'd just make an adaptor using pipes,or something similiar,but I was wondering if there were any better solutions. Also,It's got a colossal metallic base,easily 40kg(already nearly broke my toe on it) It doesnt seem to use any sort of coutnerweights to keep the telescope from tilting,instead it uses an odd pulley system. It's also got a strange arm poking out,which is supposed to go in the metal pipe jutting out,but I really can't figure out it's purpose.(Will upload labeled pics to make it clearer if needed) Any ideas what it could be for? Also,how on earth do you figure out the focal lenght of a scope if it's not labelled? Pic is the mirror(Warning,not for the squeamish)
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