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  1. Hi, Just experienced myfirst time with the PoleMaster, a bit confused with the Company's Manual and 'older videos' as there are slight differences compared to latest software. Glad I came across your Version, Steve, as it is much more practiical. Surprised QHYCCD don't take it up. Any thoughts on a Revision? My suggestion would be to include the 'Tools' tab options explanation...I still can't get my head round the 'Manual Trace' Option and how it is 'seen' on the Display. There is a need to convert Lat / Long. to Decimal in 'Atmospheric Refraction' and converting Sea level (?) pressure reading from 1013.25 mbar to kPa (just divide by 10). Some might say why bother at our Latitude in the UK (mine is approx. 52 Deg) but why not...... it may apply correction of a few arc seconds( and the PA Spec is sub 30 arc seconds)? Keith
  2. I'm a novice, any thought whether it is due to presence of bright stars in FOV, an effect of pixel 'well overflow' / blooming spilling onto the adjacent pixels? Option try reducing exposure time to prevent 'well overflow', increase the number of images to stack to compensate? Is anti - blooming not a feature of your sensor / camera? Keith
  3. Slight change to the attachment in my earlier Post to include the direct link to the ASCOM 6.1 information.Windows XP with SP3 and Microsoft NET Framework 4 001.pdf
  4. Hi Guys, This is a very useful thread topic. For anyone reading up using ASCOM and the requirements for 6.0 (and earlier) and changes with ASCOM 6.1 with reference to Microsoft. NET Framework version *.* see attachment. Note that although I was asking a question relating to Windows XP and some ambiguity the detail also relates to general requirements for ASCOM 6.0 and 6.1 which readers may find useful.Windows XP with SP3 and Microsoft NET Framework 4.pdf
  5. File attachment

  6. Dave, Did you succeed in geting the Mesu and a pier / pillar? I am also getting a mesu 200 and having trouble making up my mind on the pier's height.
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