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  1. Hi all thanks again, I will keep trying. I am just amazed every time I look up into a clear night sky. Just love this hobby. Jake
  2. Hi all, thanks for all the comments, they are all helpful. If the telescope needs collimating what affect will this have on the focus? Also what is a ND filter.
  3. I am fairly new to this hobby and I am having difficulty getting Jupiter in clear focus. I have a Skywatcher 130 explorer and several lenses including a 25 mm plossl and a 5 mm BST starguider plus a 2x Barlow. The problem is that I can't see any detail I.e. the different coloured bands which I would to expect to see. I can see 4 of the moons of Jupiter. I have also tried an IR filter and a moon glow filter and a combination of the two. I have also converted a lifecam webcam and again I can see the moons but Jupiter is just a blob. Do I need to collinmate the scope or is there something else. Any help would be appreciated Jake
  4. Thanks, is Wayne the guy at Billetparts. I would really like the Billetparts adaptor as I think that it looks the part, if I can get it. Hope he makes some next year. Otherwise I may take your advise James, and use the 25mm Sky watcher lens. Thank you. Malcolm
  5. Hi everyone, Does anybody know where I can get the Billetparts Lifecam adaptor or similar as they don't seem to be making it anymore? Malcolm
  6. Thanks everyone, I can see from looking at the ads that better lens will improve the resolution and definition, and I think that will be my first priority for any mods. I thought that I would see what the scope is capable of and then decide what to buy to improve it. Malcolm
  7. Thanks John, seems like a friendly site. Just checked the Barlow x2 with the 25mm and it seems to be ok, over a short distance. Don't know what I was doing last night but couldn't get it to work with the 25mm lens. Enjoyed first look at the moon though. Malcolm
  8. Thanks but I don't understand why the Barlow lens dosen't work with the 25mm Lens. Any ideas? Malcolm
  9. Yes and also had a good image in the 25 and 10mm lenses. There didn't seem to be enough travel in the focuser but there was when used with the 10mm lens. I would have expected it to be able to be used with both lens Malcolm
  10. Hi, this is my first post and I am a new member. I have just bought a Skywatcher 130 Explorer telescope and tried it out for the first time tonight. I fitted the 25 mm lens to look at the moon and got a very good image. When I fit the x2 Barlow lens to the 25mm lens I could not get the moon in focus. When I tried it with the 10mm lens it focused perfectly. Is this normal? Regards
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