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  1. Welcome from another 10" owner, you'll have plenty of fun with that
  2. Welcome from one Stuart to another
  3. Picked up the scope yesterday evening from a lovely guy who is a real camera buff. Consequently, the scope's been very well looked after. It was built in 2002 and bought in 2003 from Sherwoods Photo in Birmingham. I had fun assembling it yesterday evening but it was too clouded out for any first light (naturally). Spent a good part of the evening trying to learn how equatorial mounts work! It's my first exposure to these beasts Over breakfast this morning I showed the kids the thin moon crescent from indoors using the supplied 25mm plossl and they were suitably impressed. There was no box with the scope. The previous owner said it arrived in some kind of cardboard box. This is a lovely scope, and I couldn't be happier with it. Tonight should be clear, and I'm hoping for a real test drive!
  4. mister_wavey

    IMG 2907

    From the album: TAL 100r

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    IMG 2910

    From the album: TAL 100r

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    IMG 2922

    From the album: TAL 100r

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    IMG 2916

    From the album: TAL 100r

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    IMG 2915

    From the album: TAL 100r

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    IMG 2927

    From the album: TAL 100r

  10. mister_wavey

    IMG 2906

    From the album: TAL 100r

  11. Great writeup. Thanks for taking the time to do such a good job.
  12. Got up there just before 11, could see it was clouding over a bit in the back yard for the last 30 mins back home but hoped it was fleeting. Parked up at the foxhunter, opened the car door, and nearly had it ripped off in the wind. Whoa. Minus 2 and windy? No fun. Looked up, and more than half the sky is covered in cloud total bust. (Also be careful on the track to the carpark, ice and snow left over from earlier in the week.) (Also also, did the mast building always have a light permanently switched on? Need to block that somehow.)
  13. very clear conditions in abergavenny right now (4:20pm). There is a bit of wind, but not too bad where I am. Likely to be worse up there, of course. I won't be up there until after 9ish due to family commitments, but I will be up there!
  14. mister_wavey

    Hi all

    Welcome from Wales
  15. mister_wavey


    Welcome from Wales!
  16. No cloud, no Moon: I'm hoping to get up to the Radio Masts site Friday evening. Maybe see some of you there? (51.7899076,-3.0704212 for those who don't know the location - you can plug those values into google maps. There's a car park by the masts.)
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