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  1. any idea on the likelihood of traffic disturbing us over at Bedlinog, David?
  2. don't forget, the moon rises later and later each evening, so there will be some short (but darker) evenings available in the next few days. After the 12th Feb it doesn't rise until after midnight. http://www.timeanddate.com/moon/uk/cardiff
  3. whoops, just bought a 5mm pentax xw. Where's jupiter at?
  4. Holy moly. Just... Holy moly.
  5. can't vouch for them, but this is the simplest solution: http://www.equatorial-platforms-uk.co.uk/ But ask yourself if it's really the nudging that you're bored of. Your sig suggests you have yet to find many of the Messiers. Why not challenge yourself to closing out that list a handful at a time? Then Caldwell, then Herschel 400 etc. For me much of the fun is in the hunt, but I've learned that's not true for everyone. Compared to that, the dob shifting is done without thinking.
  6. I'm loving my field edition. No more dew issues with paper! Expensive, but if you're star hopping, there's nothing better.
  7. One of the first things you need to do during each evening's setup is align the finder to the telescope, perhaps ideally in daylight. Find something obvious by starting off using the finder and then get it centred in the scope (via trial and error), and 'tune' the finder to the scope by ensuring what's central in the scope becomes central in the finder. Then test this by using the finder on some other target. Personally, I'd suggest you don't resort to GOTO unless time prohibits you learning your way around the sky. What you learn will be useful for a lifetime of observing.
  8. 'Moon landing debate'? Why even entertain the fools that espouse such stories?
  9. On my way back from Swansea today I drove half way up the road to the Trefil co-ordinates above. It was still pretty snowy up there, so I didn't go the whole way up. Lots of pot holes in the road, but certainly passable. Feels like it'll be very dark up there - deffo gonna try it out
  10. Cool, Mike, I'll try that when I get the chance. It's only about 30 mins away from me.
  11. Hey guys, compared to my garden, the horizon views at the Blaenavon site are really great, but I'd very much like to try and get somewhere darker. I'm thinking of trying Usk Reservoir 51.947894,-3.702638. Can anyone comment on the horizon views there? Dai, you mentioned your site at the last meet, what dates would work for you for a meet there?
  12. This one (in the centre of the telrad sight) is 6.02. I'll try that next time I'm out.
  13. Hmm, a little more research shows that star to be 41 Dra, which is actually 5.74 according to Cartes du Ciel. I guess I need a new chart :/
  14. I always use this chart: http://spiff.rit.edu/classes/phys301/extra/lim_mag/umi_mag_big.gif
  15. and just for fun, a lightened crop showing a little more detail on the scopes present:
  16. NIce shots! I notice you captured comet C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy in the first one:
  17. You're on a rock in space: http://twistedsifter.com/videos/night-sky-timelapse-with-stars-fixed-and-earth-rotating/
  18. Yes, was a great evening - thanks all for such a nice welcome. The 16" performed pretty well in the wind without the shroud, so I think I'll lug it up the mountain as often as I can. As well as Lovejoy, I bagged myself M65 and M66 and NGC3228 (Leo Triplet) and M51 (with interacting NGC5195). Never stop working through those Messiers
  19. Current cloud conditions at 17:21. Mostly clear.
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