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  1. I've had it since new year. I used the now broken pages about 3-4 weeks ago, with no wiping (because it's dew proof) and just let it dry closed at room temperature. Leaving it closed on those pages for that period seems to be the problem.
  2. yes, no one is more disappointed than me. I will miss the atlas greatly. Spoke to CUP customer service and they're picking up the book and arranging a full refund. A replacement was offered, but unless something in manufacturing changes, I suspect the same thing will happen.
  3. well, after telling everyone how much I loved the IDS Field edition, I have just discovered that it is not fit for purpose. I had noticed pages being stuck together following a dewey night but had no problem parting them until this morning, when opening the pages caused some of the facing page's surface to come away. If you can see in the image around Algieba, there are parts of text and symbols from the opposite page stuck to it, and these are now missing from the opposite page, see other image. I'll sadly be returning my copy to CUP.
  4. Shame it was too windy up there. I set up in the garden at about 11 and had 2 and half fruitful hours getting entirely lost in the Coma cluster But almost zero wind for me... It clouded over for a stretch in the middle but cleared again.
  5. Thx for the great comms guys, saved me a trip!
  6. I'll be at a show in Newport for the first half of the evening but will check on conditions back in abergavenny and head up to join you if things are looking OK.
  7. Can't see any on the mountain face that is visible from Abergavenny
  8. I've got 32mm and 25mm Televue plossls for my lower power eyepieces which are super sharp, work very nicely and are very cheap as far as Televues go.
  9. weather reports for today (Friday) don't look good currently. Saturday might be OK according to a couple of the sites.
  10. The 'lamination' of the field edition is perfect. Pages feel, bend and turn almost like paper. Not plasticiky in the least..
  11. I love my field edition, works really well in the uh, field. Pages can get stuck together after getting wet but they come apart easily enough. Great atlas for star hopping.
  12. portable structures would (presumably) overcome any planning issues - can you enlarge on this idea?: http://www.tulsawalk.com/projects/observatorypanels/
  13. Man, it was lovely and clear this evening! Best night out for me this year - could just about make out the 6.02 mag star in ursa minor from my back yard. Bagged M106, M94, M63, M105, M95, M96, M102 and a *glorious* M3 to finish things off: absolutely fabulous in the 16".
  14. The golden rule is buy the best you can afford at each stage, otherwise you're likely to want to replace it over time. Usually, the higher quality the components in your optical train, the better the results. The exception to that rule is when someone identifies a genuine good experience from a budget item. I've no experience with the two barlows you mention, so can't help directly there. I see that the more expensive item has no reviews on the site, usually a sign that you might want to shop around a little more before making a decision.
  15. Your sig implies you know what you're doing. For beginners, I'd ask if they were simply using the finders incorrectly. Three such finders have failed you? Over what kind of period? Have you been cleaning/wiping dew from them? Do you have any others which are still working ok to compare them to? Would you be able to take a photo of the problem?
  16. Oh, looks like wind could still be a factor for the mountain..
  17. the weather is showing clear for abergavenny tomorrow evening (monday 16th feb). If so, I'm tempted to go up to the radio masts or possibly check out Usk Reservoir.
  18. for me, I have *suspected* the 6.02 in UMi with averted vision, but nothing more.
  19. Just received a copy of The Light-Hearted Astronomer book by Ken Fulton from 1984, after a recent discussion about it and his upcoming sequel on the cloudy nights forum. Looks like fun!
  20. well, clear all day and all night so far for me. Lovely out there. Got an early start tomorrow, so calling it a night. Bagged M41 and M50 over the rooftops today. Takes me to 34 messiers since I got back into astronomy at the end of November. Must get back up the mountain (or elsewhere) to get better horizons!
  21. hope I don't curse anything by posting this, but 2 of my 4 weather sites are reporting clear skies for abergavenny this evening...
  22. Speak for yourself, I was out (backyard) all evening - wish I'd gone up the mountain actually, but I'd had a couple of beers at dinner. Tested out the 5mm Pentax XW in the Tal which performed better than hoped for on Jupiter and the trapezium while they were still over rooftops. Certainly a usable magnification in the Tal. Couldn't see E or F stars in the trapezium though. Never seen these two. Found M108 and the Owl Nebula in the Tal, and even M51 but it was very f a i n t. Think I'll stick to the dobs for galaxies.
  23. If it stays clear after 8 I'll try and get up there. Will post here if so.
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