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  1. Nothing beats breathing life into old kit, is that what you mean by rusty 16"?
  2. I caught many geminids this evening while out for an hour with M42 and a new eyepiece. Always lovely.
  3. Welcome back, I took a few years out myself, and have just returned and am remembering just how expensive this hobby can be
  4. (and you know what I mean by image, sorry if that's confusing!)
  5. lovely work, and just like the real thing: the more you study your images, the more you get out of them
  6. Hmm, guess who didn't research the eye relief of the shorter TV plossls properly? Me, that's who. To their credit, Widescreen-centre were perfectly happy to let me return them for an upgrade to a Delos 14mm, so now I'm looking forward to that baby. Uranometria arrived from scsastro today and it looks and feels just lovely. Also an eyepiece case and the orion 9x50 raci finder turned up today. When's Christmas again?
  7. Yep, looking forward to meeting up with you all under some nice dark skies. I live only about 15 mins away from there, so I can pack the 16" into the car at short notice on other days too.
  8. Do please share the price you get from the Germans (or anywhere else). I have a half finished 6" I really should complete. A 20" would be something!
  9. Finally a cloudless evening in Abergavenny to test the new eyepiece in the 16" and 10" dobs. Not yet dark, but not quite moonrise, and the dumbbell is hanging in space as proud as you like. Can make out detail in both lobes, with the southern one showing greatest brightness. Lovely! And then the contrast fades as Madame Luna flashes her ankles once again...
  10. Can feel your excitement from here hope you have fun despite the moon.
  11. Just ordered Tele Vue 15mm & 8mm plossls to go with the 32mm plossl I received this week. Also ordered Uranometria all sky edition and Orion 9x50 raci illuminated finder. I'd forgotten how easy it is to spend money on this hobby!
  12. Here is a photo of the star hopping diagram for Cassiopeia from the above book:
  13. Star Hopping by Robert Garfinkle is a great book that takes you on tours of the sky month by month, hopping from object to object with clear instructions and the whole journey as seen through the typical finderscope.
  14. (And just to be clear, the above was using a TS 32mm plossl)
  15. Here's one from a Nexus 5 android phone held up against my 18" dob this evening
  16. Hi guys, new Abergavenny based SGL member here, just getting back into observing after a few years out. I'll be watching for your next observing night and hope to come along with my 18" dob. I tried the radio mast site a few years ago but found it was quite windy up there for my scope. cheers, Stuart
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