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  1. sorry I wasn't able to give an update earlier, I was dragged away to bristol this afternoon and couldn't comment on the local weather. Right now looks pretty poor.
  2. fingers crossed, it'll be great to get out again! I'll post local weather conditions friday afternoon.
  3. for anyone planning to go up this evening (some forecasts showing cloud, others not), it is still quite gusty in abergavenny (~5 miles away). Hard to make a call but it could be quite a problem up there.
  4. well, today looks very clear from the cloud perspective, but the wind is stronger than yesterday, so it seems likely it'll be pretty difficult conditions up the mountain...
  5. Abergavenny (~6 miles from blaenavon) is both cloudy and pretty windy right now (12:45pm) with winds forecast to get worse during the day I'm thinking it unlikely to be worth going up the mountain today.
  6. I'll be back in abergavenny tonight so will update weather conditions near to blaenavon tomorrow afternoon.
  7. http://m.mic.com/articles/113740/a-team-of-biohackers-has-figured-out-how-to-inject-your-eyeballs-with-night-vision
  8. the monthly meet at blaenavon is purely for observing. If you want astro talks and presentations too, try ebbw vale's astro soc: http://www.hovastronomy.org.uk/whatwedo.php and I think there's one in abergavenny too if you fancy.
  9. 3 of 4 forecasting sites say that abergavenny is cloudy tonight (and it is currently 70% cloud). Clear outside appears to be the only one that thinks otherwise. I think it's a no go for me.
  10. awesome, will check it out - thank you for all your efforts!
  11. you sure you want a mount? for that money you could get an amazing dob for the visual side..
  12. 6x30 = 6x magnification, 30mm aperture, just like with binocs. FOV varies but is usually 5-7 degrees in a finder. But it seems to me you'd be hugely better off with a pair of 10x50 binocs than a 6x30 finder.
  13. I'm wasn't going to SGLX but I only just realised it's in Hereford, and is free to visit. I may well go along. Haven't yet decided.
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