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  1. just when are the night going to be clear enough to actully go out in the garden and too look at the stars.
  2. help needed how do you set telescope and finder scope,,

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    2. ronin


      Select the General Help either Equipment or Advice and just below the top is a bold bit of text on the right saying Start New Topic - it is on the same line as the number of pages in the section, click that. Not 100% obvious but I have seen worse.

    3. daveclarke
    4. damnut


      Dave you can also post on ems.



  3. allen i have the same problem new to star gazing hoping for some clear nights,,,but still try to get telescope and finder scope in alignment,any answers would be gratefully recieved.
  4. download stellarium its a free download,showing where all the stars are as,you would see them on a clear night
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