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  1. Hi there guy. Hello to everyone. If you near kimberley or south african please say hi. We also really new to thia and need a lot of help
  2. Hi guys. Now I am going to sound dumb! ! What is spider vanes? And how and when will you know your scope needs to be collimated?
  3. Thank you very much guys. Luxky for us we live in a small town with much less light pollution then in bigger cities and we also have access to a nice dark farm ouside of town.. we also not to far away feom Sutherland which the consider one of the darkest places in aouth africa. So the idea ia to go there for break away weekends, but yes we will definitely be using it from the back yard as well. I just hope it would be delivered this coming week.
  4. We are really new and would like if someone can explain to us about ep's and their power levels and what to expect from them. Its the Celestro astromaster eq 130 scope with focal length of 650mm, optical tube length is 610mm with the following ep's, 10mm, 20mm, 15mm kellner, 6mm plössl a 2x barlow with T adapter and n blue red and moon filter. Also do you think this was a wise choice for beginner. Thanx guys hope te get a reply soon!!
  5. Good morning guys. I have done a lot of homework and it all came down to the celestron astromaster 130 eq because the price gives me that bit more aperture. I have also decided to get some extras with ot but for starters I want to get a barlow. Any suggestions on what barlow will suit this scope well?? Thanx for all your help sofar. By the way I am from South Africa
  6. Hahaha, I guess that that question was proof of my beginner status!!!
  7. Thanx for the advice guys. What is ep's if I may ask?
  8. Hi guys. We fairly new to star gazing and we want to buy a reflector telescope. The whole family is really excited and can't wait for the equipment, but we need advice. There are to models that we are looking at that sewms to be both good. The one is the Orion starblast 4.5 reflector telescope and the other is the Celestron Astromaster 130EQ equatorial telescope. Both is in the priced right range for us but we can't decide on which one to go with. If I understand correctly aperture size is an important factor. Any advice please?
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