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  1. Internal reflection is an interesting possibility. If it stays clear I'll get another shot tonight but have the camera at a different angle - if it's in the same place it won't be a reflection. Edit - just realised a comet would move anyway! Maybe if I use a different lens that'll test the reflection theory
  2. Here's a 4s exposure. Looking more cometlike and notice the trail is different to the star above
  3. All plausible suggestions but I don't think any fit: It's on multiple photos shot over a few minutes so not a transient event It's made a trail the same as the stars, its brightness is reduced the same as the other stars on a shorter exposure image, and it's not on any other photos I took before/after looking elsewhere in the sky which all suggest it's not an artefact On the sky software I have there nothing close to that magnitude I that area
  4. Hi, I spotted this on my shots of Jupiter/Saturn last night. It looks like a comet but I can't find anything to say there is one there. Does anyone know what it is? I don't think it's a camera/lens issue as it's only on the Jupiter/Saturn photos I took. Canon d450, 50mm, 13sec, ISO800, Ditchling Beacon (nr Brighton, UK), 18 July 2020 00:02
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