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  1. The AZ-4 won't cope with a 150mm F/8 optical tube, if thats the way you think you are going. I've used Meade AR6 F/8 on a Skytee II and it was OK. It needed a counterweight / other scope on the other side of the mount and I'd certainly budget to upgrade the dovetail clamps on it - I had a near disaster with the one I used :shocked:

    The Giro-type mounts do have a large capacity too, as Shane says:

    Wow! Nice looking set up. Think that pic alone has sold the idea for me!

  2. I've been considering both mounts for my TAL100R (weight 4.3kg) too.

    AZ4 - takes a single telescope, benefits from an extension pier. Basic cost £179 + £90 for the pier = maximum total cost of £269.

    SkyTee 2 - can take two telescopes (so I could buy a matching TAL100RS :) ), has slo-mo controls, but needs SW counterweights & I've read ADM saddle upgrades are popular/recommended. Basic cost £375 + £30 for the counterweights & £120 for the saddles = maximum total cost of £525

    I think the SkyTee is more future proof but at almost double the price it's not as easy a decision to make. For around the same money as an upgraded SkyTee I could also be looking at a secondhand HEQ5 Pro, or a new EQ5 Pro, or CG5-GT. The age old question....to goto or not to goto....and I still haven't decided!

    Does anyone have a lucky coin....heads or tails :)

    Yeh not looking at eq mounts like the simplicity of alt az mounts.

    The skytee also has a 15kg weight limit so can carry much larger scopes than az4.

    Just wished they did an az4 with slow mo control lol

  3. Steve I have the Sky Tee ll it's rock solid and I would say a much better choice than a AZ mount. The advantage I find is that it will handle scopes up to 10" so if you wanted to up grade your mount will always be good. It will handle your 120 refractor no problem at all. Well worth paying the extra for.

    Thanks for that. Do u use the counter weight bar often? Or just put your scope on?

  4. Id say the sky tee 2 is more future proof as it can cope with two scopes where the az4 whilst cheaper is on for one..

    There's a massive price difference though make sure your looking at the price for the sky tee complete hen i first found it i thought it was 250 odd but its not that's just the mount its around 375 for the complete set up with tripod

    Yes ill get it with tripod so have the budget for that as well. Do u know the weight of the skytee and tripod?

  5. I mount my ED120 on a Giro-type mount with a 16" pillar extension and either an HEQ5 or CG5 tripod (1.75" or 2" steel tube legs respectively). I find I don't need a counterweight on the other side of the mount. It's a really solid mount for this scope but not exactly lightweight - I reckon it's around 40 lbs all up (mount + pillar + scope) so movable but I'm not going to be running up and down stairs with it !.

    Thanks for info. I like idea of not having to use a counter weight all the time. And the slow mo controls is a big plus for me.

  6. Bah sorry Steve only just seen this :/ got the scope out in the back garden must admit it is a bit windy for it! Guiding holding up (just about) for 10 minute subs so not too shabby. Cannock sounds a good location although have been warned in the past about some unsociable activities/people around the Chase at night.

    I've heard that, people you wouldn't wanna bump into while out observing!

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