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  1. Hi Steve.

    I live next door in Coventry, so I feel your pain about the skies! I can see very little visually, but have found that using a camera on my telescope I get to see what is really up there. You can see my pics taken from Coventry in the Imaging - Deep Sky section of the board. I'll be happy to share any tips or help that I can.

    Welcome to SGL.


    Hi TJ thanks for the offer, do you stay in cov to observe or travel to darker skies?

  2. Hi Steve and welcome to SGL. Any ideas on the scope you would like ? Plenty of advice here... and it's free (shame the scope isn't though)

    Hi, yes ive already posted in the eqipment section :icon_salut: so already started to pick your brains.

    Im looking at eirther the nexstar 5se or 6se. not sure wich one to go for:icon_eek:

  3. Hi all,

    I need to pick your brains :icon_salut: ive always been interested in astronomy and when i lived at home many years ago i had an 8 inch dob (to be honest not the best optics so slightly put me off as got annoyed with it)

    Anyway looking to get a scope that is portable easy to use good optics and upgradable. I live in an apartment so cant use it from home so with be taking it in car to use.

    I like the look at the nexstar 5 and 6 but not sure which one to go for, i know the bigger the better but my main priority is portability. Long term i would also like to do astrophotography (way down line).

    Ive read the nexstar 5 has a camera input but the nexstar 6 does'nt.

    So my questio is! whats the better scope for my requirements?

  4. Hi there,

    Im a newbie to your site and always had a keen interest in Astronomy, so thought id sign up and say "hello"

    Not got a telescope yet so expect loads of questions from me :).

    Live in bham so not the best clear skies around!


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