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  1. Yes it would be a decent tripod. It would be this one: http://www.firstlightoptics.com/berlebach-tripods/berlebach-uni-18-tripod-heq5-eq6.html Just wondered if the extra few hundred quid is worth it for visual use ?
  2. steve_bham


    Thick cloud here also:(
  3. For a visual observer do you notice much difference between a wood tripod instead of a standard 1.75" steel tripod?
  4. You can regrease the focuser and use Teflon tape inside to make the movements silky smooth.
  5. It's useable on the az3 especially with the slow mo controls. But lacks the smoothness of an az4.
  6. I've got the 120 f5 scope and its def a keeper. Easily fits in a large sports bag for easy travel and the views you get from it are stunning I was viewing the moon early and the CA is not bad at all in my eyes. It will be a great scope to take camping with you.
  7. Thanks for that, can you recommend a laser and cheshire eyepiece that could be used on a frac? Sent from my GT-P5100 using Tapatalk HD
  8. I got turn left at Orion as a PDF on my tablet. Really easy to read.
  9. Thanks, I've read about adjusting the focuser. Which will be helpful when I save my pennies for a moonlite!
  10. Sorry, always get the letters mixed up in front of the vixen eyepieces!
  11. I'd go for the tele vue set. I had some high power vixen plossl and didn't like them. Very uncomfortable to use and views where very dim.
  12. Is it easy to check the collimation of a refractor? I have the SW 120 mm and it doesn't have an adjustable front lens. Views are pin sharp but want to learn more etc.
  13. I was looking at getting one of these, thanks for the video.
  14. Depends what you want to look at? Deep sky or planets. A lot of people will recommend a dob, as they are good value for what u get. I'm not a dob fan so you could go for a mak for planets. Or a ST Refractor for deepsky viewing.
  15. If meteor would it not be more of an impact crater considering the speed it would have been travelling?
  16. Wow thank you. Ill pm you. You sure you don't want anything for it?
  17. Can anyone recommend some good Teflon tape? I'm going to line the stock focuses on a sky watcher refractor. Is there a set thickness that works best?
  18. Welcome to SGL from a fellow brummie. Where do you go star gazing?
  19. Does anyone know the weight of the skytee and the tripod combined?
  20. Look good but as u say bit pricey for what they are. I don't mind drilling tube as I want to upgrade stock focused in due course. But then there is the moonlite (drawl)
  21. Is it easy to fit additional finder bases on a refractor? I'm looking to fit an additional 9x50 finder and want to install a second finder base. Can you drill the tube without impacting on the light path? Steve
  22. Thought it was the 150mm ST Refractor. That's what I want to upgrade too, how do you fun it performs?
  23. The 2nd pic looks like a monster! What refractors are they?
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