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  1. I keep my glasses on whilst observering. I brought eyepieces with long eye relief especially for that reason.
  2. The 200 dob will be the winner. But the 120mm refractor under very dark sky's will be amazing.
  3. Thanks for info. Yes I read it needs a beefy tablet. It will be running on a quad core so hope that's ok.
  4. I currently only have the basic version and want to buy the pro or plus app. Is the pro worth the extra cash?
  5. Just got my az4 mount for my ST 120mm refractor and its a perfect match. Had a chance to try it out Saturday night and it performance was first class.
  6. You can get 120mm refractors for a few hundred quid. It depends on the type of refractor you want.
  7. Sorry just about to order an az4 mount, William optics diagonal, semi apo filter and a Rigel quick finder! Few more days of cloud I'm afraid!
  8. Thanks, just what I wanted to here. I stuck a finder to an etx once and was always a bit wobbly.
  9. When fixing the Rigel finder to the scope using the sticky pads does it wobble much and affect alignment, or is it pretty stable with very little movement?
  10. Just got round to using the Teflon tape on my focuser. Wow what a difference it's made! Thanks Dave. Saved me a few pounds at the minute
  11. Oh, that doesn't sound good, do you think it was just a one off?
  12. Just been looking at these for a refractor, has anyone used one? Says on the website you need a extension tube for 120mm scopes. Is this just for Astro photography or visual as well? Thanks.
  13. It does get annoying. But it allows for other things too I surpose.
  14. I failed woodwork at school! So I've got no hope of making your stunning tripod.
  15. Oh yeh! I want to try that place. When is the latest you can reserve?
  16. I agree will have to start looking at sites. Farms are the best will have to have a brain storming session to find one
  17. I'm not sure of alternative locations. What's the Chadwick end far one?
  18. Cloudy here. Farmer not texted back. So looks like we will have to find another place
  19. Welcome to SGL from a fellow local person!
  20. steve_bham


    Howdy and welcome to SGL.
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