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  1. 4 hours ago, haitch said:

    Hi Steve

    Not met up with anyone of the old gang for quite a while (since we lost the access at Cosford)

    Neil, I think the urban areas are a bit far gone to worry about light pollution now unless there is some dramatic reversal in street lighting policy - even my "quiet" residential street is light up like daylight with high pressure sodium lights that have no shielding - when I complained to Walsall Council that the light outside my house was shining into my property they sent a guy out who stuck gaffer tape on the back edge of the light which did sod all good.


    It's probably better to focus on areas a bit further out that still have a hope in hell of surviving the ignorance of the bureaucrats.






    Shame about Cosford as that was a really good site. I'll have a look around see if there are any others in the area.

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