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  1. I’ve got the full set of BST eyepieces and love them!
  2. Hi, had a break from astronomy due to work etc, but slowly getting back into it! Love to join in if you are planning any observation nights etc
  3. I'm just getting back into astronomy after a break so I've joined an Astro club (first meeting this Saturday) and want to get out more to dark sites.
  4. No problem, will try for the next weekend that's clear ? I'll drop a post on here
  5. Spoke to FLO and they are going to get it replaced, third time lucky I hope! The firmware is 04.37.03
  6. Just a quick update FLO picked up the mount in the week and delivered a new mount today. unpacked it set it all up powered up and I get the error message " both axis no response!" Can't move the scope in any direction. To say I'm disappointed and annoyed is an understatement, anyone else had this ever message?
  7. If it's clear Saturday anyone up for a bit of stargazing?
  8. There is a large section of foam under the OTA that could be cut out. That's where my vibration pads are stored. best thing they don't touch the tube so no risk of marking.
  9. I have a 32mm skywatcher plossl and the full set of BST starguider eyepieces
  10. Thanks for info on glue, just googled it and looks perfect, I'll get some and give it a try.
  11. Here is mine, combined scope mount and eyepiece case so I only have to carry this and tripod out with me.
  12. Just need to work out the best way to glue the foam together as they are three sections deep
  13. And the after shot with all the cutouts removed to fit my gear:
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