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  1. under 2 weeks to go until the nights starts to get longer "yipee"

    1. jabeoo1
    2. Gutross


      atliest have one day a week to shut down the lights acorss the board for people to reallt get a grasp of whats over their heads. my daughter looks up and sees the moon and the stars and ohh and ahhhs. when looking through a scope she jumped for joy watching jupiter, and the detail on the moon! how would she react if she could see the brilliant band that is our milky way

    3. xtreemchaos


      if only,all the bigwigs in our world go on about carbon emisions and globle warming,this is a clear cut way to cut our carbon footprint and no one in gov seams interested.

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  2. im getting Frac fever again after looking at"show us your Frac"

    1. Gutross


      I have been eying up Maks myself, of course the ones i drool over (LX200) ill never be able to afford but its nice dreaming

    2. xtreemchaos


      i missed a chance for lx200 a while ago ,there a very nice scope.

    3. xtreemchaos


      Luke which mak are you getting?.

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  3. clouds clouds everywhere and not a star insight

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    2. xtreemchaos


      Do you have a shelter near by,we get the odd hurricane but there nothing like a tornado I agree thay look very scary.

    3. Gutross


      no shelters, just hope that it does not come our way!

    4. xtreemchaos


      I see Oklahoma was hit bad lastnight, keep safe mate.

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  4. after a week of hell with this bug im ready to skywatch again,"give me clear skys".

  5. would you belive it looks like clear for tonight and ive been sick allday sods law

  6. got my ED80 setup,all i need now is clear skys.

  7. waiting for my new 80ED.it will rain for weeks when it gets here.

    1. xtreemchaos


      just got me tracking no it will be here tomorrow,thanks FLO.

    2. xtreemchaos


      its here and its not raining.thanks FLO.

  8. nice and sunny today,hope its clear tonight.

  9. Not so good lastnight,tracking motor went on strike by the time i sorted it cloud rolled over.

  10. M5 was fantastic lastnight i spent ages looking at it.

  11. lastnight was great,my 200p was a time machine,hope tonight is the same again.

  12. lastnight was great,my 200p was a time machine,hope tonight is the same

    1. ghostdance



      I have a smaller TARDIS, but still feel very Doctorish! Good luck for tonight!

    2. xtreemchaos


      thanks mate, it was another goodnight"its gonna rain for months"ha ha.

  13. looking good for tonght,going to get the 200p out.

  14. clear lastnight got 3 hours sky watching.

  15. still wishing for clear skys.

  16. wishing for clear skys.

  17. great morrning watching the eclipse, no cloud.

  18. hoping its clear for the eclipse

  19. its cloudy again.

  20. ive got clear skys,im off.

  21. wishing for clear skys.

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