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  1. thanks shane, I'm still very hit or miss with the processing, but I think I'm moving forward, everything ive learned ive learned off all you guys on here. I really wish id started imaging earlier in my life. thanks for your kind words it means the world to me.. charl.

    Astro Kit


    yer i do the same, eq5 is a cool mount,i have thought of going to eq6 but i manage with eq5 so i carnt see the sence in spending the money but maybe one day i will have to depends what scopes have in future but im happy with what i have at the moment..charl



    i think cats are great i can really connect with them,my wife got me him cos i have a illness the dos not let me go out in the sunshine and he carnt go out with having no fur so we spend 24 7 together "apart from when im out with my scope at night". Savannahs are cool cats too.



    Hi mate he's a boy,we have had him for nearly 3 years,my wife got me him for my birthday,he's a sphynx cat that dont behave like a cat there more like a dog he likes to retrieve stuff,he's about the size of a large kitten fully grown.glad you like him,thanks for the comment.all the best.charl &Smegul

    . .

    ED80 ST80


    ive just brought the ed80 off flo after seeing your setup and some of the pics you can get with.i like the moonlight mod it will be a while before i can afford one of them.all the best.thanks for sharing.

  2. i have a messier ar127l and i get a good bit of chromatic aberration i get rid of it usally with photo shop but sometimes its so bad i just leave or turn it into b&w, i will get myself a 8 yellow and give it a try.all the best,charl.

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