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  1. don't you just hate waiting for it to get dark.


    ive no plan, just getting to know my modded 1000d I got earlier in the year , lovely and clear at the mo, hope you all have clear. charl.

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    2. Pig


      I don't remember it taking so long to get dark or being as cloudy before I started this hobby ?

    3. xtreemchaos


      thanks Shaun, it was still not dark enough to get 20sec subs at 12 oclock ,it was 1am before I could go over a minute, ill be glad when its October and we can start at 9pm, I'm a bit worried at keeping the nextdoor nabours up with the noise of the rig and shutter, its not loud but at 2am you can hear a mouse let wind.

      hope you have clear. charl.

    4. Pig


      LoL Charl, I know what your saying, my first goto seemed silent until time passed into the early hours, then all of a sudden it sounded alarmingly loud..... but I am sure it's all in our minds and no one can hear them ?

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