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  1. Completly agree about the 12mm as I said in the previous post, but I believe that a 14mm (equivalent to 3.5 with Powermate -> 342x) would be a nice improvement over the 17 which brings me nice views (of planets). Would it be too much magnification with the 14mm?
  2. What I own now are 2 eyepieces having 52° : Celestron Omni 17mm SkyWatcher Let 25mm I want an improvement for both dso and planets. Jupiter for example, was beautiful with the 17mm ("converted" to 4.25 through powermate) and I want a higher magnification for planets. The 12mm would be the ep that would bring me to the "maximum theoretical" magnification that the telescope can carry. I avoid the 12 and that is why 14mm ES 82° would fit best i believe (according to answers on forum) - it would have a fov close to the 25mm LET and a 343x for planets. The high fov will also help me keep planets in sight more before having to re-position the telescope.
  3. Thank you for the Maxvision suggestion John, but i need an eyepiece in the [12;15] interval and Maxvisions go from 20mm to more.
  4. Thank you so much, Could you tell me if Axiom (first generation, not the LX) would be nice? I found a second hand one - it has 70° The second hand market in my country is almost zero.
  5. I am sure TV would be much better but I can't find secondhand in my country and my budget is 100... 120e. Thank you for answering
  6. Hi everyone, I intend to buy (for my 8' Dob) an eyepiece for general usage (both DSO and planetary through 4xPowermate) - meaning 12-15mm and a wider angle than the Plossls. Has anyone made a comparison between the Baader Hyperions and the Celestron Luminos series? (Luminos is at the top of my budget). Also other similar eypieces? There have been some similar discussions here and there but no comparison between the Hyp and Lumi. Best regards,
  7. Hi guys, Has anyone tried this eyepiece? What would be it's "equivalent" from other brands? Opinions? Thank you,
  8. A PST costs a lot. I was just wondering what equipment do I need in order to get the maximum solar observation quality out of my 8inch newt. A Baader Film would be ~35e and a Baader SC ~80e while a PST... so much more...
  9. I can find in the shops in my country, 200mm filters, but thank you. Also, can anyone tell me if I can see flares with the 8inch?
  10. and is there anything that can upgrade my views of the Sun through the dobson (except the mandatory Baader film)? I've seen this Baader "Solar Continuum" filter. Does it make a real difference? Are there other additional filters? Again, thank you very muchm
  11. Well, my 8inch dob can go to a theoretical magnification of 400x ... so i will use more than 300x at least. There's where I hope I can see something beautiful. Can I get better images if I use at the same time h-alpha filter and baader film? Thank you,
  12. Hi guys, I own 8inch Dob and I got curious about how does sun look like through a baader solar filter. Based on magnification, will I see lots of details, like prominences, filaments and flares? or will it just look like a white disc with sunspots? Thank you.
  13. It would be nice from someone who has all filters to make a table with each filters on one side (horizontal) (TV-Planetary/TV-Mars/Baader-Neo/No Filter) and planets on other side (vertical), and a mark 1-5 for each planet/filter .
  14. Hi everyone, Has anyone used this collimation instrument? If so, can he share his experience? http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p5506_TS-Concenter-2--colimation-eyepiece-for-Newtonian-Telescopes.html Seems to be an advantage the fact that it's a 2" tool - you use less intermediary equipment (such as a 2"-1.25" reductor)
  15. I know it, I own the 4x 2" one and the camera adapter. But my eypieces are Rubbish, and I wanted to know if it's ok investing in a large FOV EP. Thank you everyone for your answers
  16. Hi everybody, Can anyone tell me whether a 4x 2" Powermate preserves an eyepieces angle or limits it to a specific value? Thank you,
  17. I can't afford too many eyepieces at the moment, so I use at the moment my 25mm and my 17mm with a 4xPowermate 2" to get a ~6mm and ~4mm. Bought the Powermate 2" for distant-future astrophoto. and soon I will also buy a threaded 2"-1.25" reducer. You can use a 2" filter with a 1.25" eyepiece, but not the other side.
  18. There's one thing worth mentioning TV does NOT make 2" filters so for people like me who use only 2" filters...
  19. As few guys asked before... can someone make a comparison between Baader Neodymium Moon&Skyglow and the TV Planetary on Jupiter/Saturn? (or evenmore, between them and the TV Mars - when watching Mars) Thank you,
  20. I've contacted Baader asking them whether they have a similar product for Nikon, and their answer was: "Sorry - no. Nikon requires a shorter T-Ring - there is no space left for this solution like we make for Canon. Best regards," So I am still looking for a workaround... or a solution from another brand. Still nobody has ideeas?
  21. I know that kalasinman... I just need a T-Ring for Nikon that can use "Clear filters" (filters that actually do nothing but protect).
  22. Protection from dust... especially when manipulating (connecting\disconnecting) it outside. The Baader model I've hyperlinked in the previous post has a clear filter attached to the T-Ring. I am looking for something similar for Nikon.
  23. Hi, Does anyone know a product that might help my Nikon DSLR's sensor? Something similar to the Baader protetive T-Ring : http://www.baader-planetarium.de/sektion/s17/s17-en.htm Thank you,
  24. Thank you Bizibilder, I know about DDS but I was looking for alternatives, just for my curiosity. Registax can also stack pictures.Version 5.x supports *.RAW files. Yet I find no location for the BIAS. And one more question regarding the DARK or FLAT files : I can see that the program supports BMP and PNG but no RAW. Am I missing something? Or is it made just for those two file types?
  25. Hi guys, I was just looking around to different stacking software (i am kind of noob). Could you tell me where can you add Bias frames in Registax? I only see light...dark... flat... and reference. Thank you.
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