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  1. Hello fellow members, it has been a long time since I last posted, too long I know, unfortunately the money I had in my first astronomy kitty had to be spent on more demanding things, but the new kitty has grown again, last time I had my mind made up on a 150 or 200p newt with whatever EQ mount they came from FLO, right now my thoughts have changed, now I'm looking at a 8" or 10" dob, the flex tube models would be better for storage, or the Skymax 127 on a AZ5 mount, I understand the Skymax would give me a narrower FOV, but it's compactness appeals to me, I initially would like to view the moon, jupiter and saturn etc and hopefully get some moon shots with my dslr, but it's the dobs greater light capturing capabilities and that wider FOV that's swaying down that avenue, I wouldn't be problem taking it out etc, so it's light gathering or compactness, it doesn't get any easier to make these decisions, any thoughts or guidance would be as always appreciated, thanks
  2. Hello Jimmer28, this is just a question on why you went for this 200p/eq5 combo , I have not got anything yet , but I've done a hell of a lot of research, I'm trying to learn the night sky with my bins at the mo , I'm 95% sure that this is the combo I will getting , I'm just undecided wether to save the extra and get the 200pds as I'm keen to do some prime focus photography , but some say on here that they have no problems with reaching focus with the 200p , so even though it's early days for you with this scope , how are you getting on with it ?
  3. Hello Cactusstar , i had the same dilemma as you twelve months ago , i was desperate to buy my first scope , but im really glad i didnt rush into it , i sill have not purchased one yet but after joining this forum and asking questions , reading all the other posts that were relevant to my situation , i now have a more positive view on what will suit my needs and my budget .There are so many different criteria that your first scope will need to tick , so dont be to hasty to spend your money , read and research as much as you can, and digest as much as you can . Good luck !
  4. Thankyou for the kind words of encouragement folks , yes I already have stellarium and also I've read Turn left at Orion which is a great reference on where things are and how to find them , I can always remember a quote that I have read on SGL that says "The stars are going nowhere fast " so in the long run I think it has paid me not to jump in straight away and buy something that I don't need , but joining this forum , asking lots of questions , researching and learning has been a great journey , if your reading this don't be afraid to ask anything no matter how trivial or stupid it may seem to you , the people on here are great !???
  5. Hello folks , I've been a member of this great forum for over twelve months now , asked a few questions and digested the great advice given , I'm on here every day at some point , anyway I still have not taken the plunge in buying a scope yet , but after the aforementioned advice given by your good selves I know what I will be buying , as my good lady was leaving for a Zumba class last night she shouts back in "lovely clear night , stars are out " so out I rushed with my binos , and to my amazement I could instantly recognise the Big Dipper , followed the two pointers to Polaris , spotted Cassiopeia , found pliedes then Orion's Belt , needless to say I was chuffed that all the reading I've been doing has started to sink in ???
  6. Hello again, I am looking to buy a moon filter , as I understand I could either go for a variable polarising type or a fixed transmission neutral density type , obviously the variable type is dearer , so do go for the variable to cover all levels of transmission or go for a fixed one ? If it's the latter what do you recommend as a level of transmission ?, it would be a 1.25 filter for a Skywatcher Explorer 200p /1000mm focal length f5 Newtonian , thanks .
  7. And would you be able to use an ep projection adapter with an ep for prime focus photos or would that be taking the focal point farther away from the mirror ?
  8. Could anyone tell me if it's possible to get prime focus with a Skywatcher Explorer 200p/ dslr combination ? , I know the 200pds will , but the cost just keeps increasing , if I go for the 150pds will I always be thinking that I should have gone for the 200p as it will enable me to see better images .
  9. Thanks for all your feedback everyone , i think its going to be the 150p /eq5 combo from flo, im thinking that portability /storage is a little more important to me than the extra aperture , i appreciate all your thoughts and comments , this is a great forum to seek advice ! Happy Christmas too all☃
  10. Ive just found an old post on here , thet say that the 200p ota weighs 8kg , and the 150p ota weighs 4.9 kg .
  11. Thanks for all of your thoughts folks , ive made two tubes that match the sizes of these two scopes so that i can get an understanding of there size in real terms , one part of me is saying go for the 200p because of the more light gathering./see more aspect , then the other part is saying that the 150p because of its smaller size , The extra 50mm diameter and 250mm length of the 200p is not a vast step up from the 150p, but the smaller tube does look a nice compact unit , so now its aperture verses looks , will this journey ever reach its destination with a purchase ?
  12. For a beginner , a Skywatcher Explorer Newt 150p/eq5 or a 200p/eq5 ? , mainly viewing to begin with , but would like to attach a dslr for some basic unguided photography at a later stage .
  13. Thank you for your reply , yes that is the 150p/az4 package from FLO , as I said I'm aware that the 200 dob you recommend would be a better beginner scope , but portability and storage are a big issue for me , if the 150pds is superior to the 150p only because of its imaging capabilities and it has a better focuser then I'm thinking the 150p deal is better for a beginner because of the extra ep and the 2x Barlow ,or am thinking it wrong? , I want a scope with a decent aperture that I can it on a simple mount and look through it and learn , then connect my dslr to it for some basic moon shots .
  14. They are in my price range , portability, storage,150mm is better for viewing over a 130mm i believe as more light is captured, always been interested in photography, only intend to buy one scope .
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