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  1. Hi, I realize this thread is a few months old now. Is any of this equipment still available? Thanks, Chris
  2. Thank you so much! I found the latest beta version and got that downloaded and now it works perfectly again!
  3. So I have always used DSS for the stacking part of all my astro photos. I used to shoot through my telescope with a Canon Xsi, but I just recently bought a Canon 60D (NOT the A version). I have shot two different targets on two different nights, and both times I tried to stack the images with subsequent dark frames, the result was this really ugly green vertically cropped image. I have tried over and over again, and uninstalled and reinstalled it, but it still does the same thing. Here are Flickr links to an unedited raw file: https://www.flickr.com/photos/cmspencer109/18656777785/in/dateposted/ And a link to what happens when I stack 45 lights and 45 darks in DSS: https://www.flickr.com/photos/cmspencer109/18034096384/in/dateposted/ What is happening? I would really appreciate some advice because I am completely stuck right now.
  4. Very nice image you got there!! Quick question. As I am wanting to get an image like this of Jupiter myself I was wondering, did you take this as a video and stack it, or what? I have a Canon Xsi and even though it can't take video, I am hoping I can still get some nice shots. Christopher
  5. Same here. I am currently using Backyard EOS, and it is a really great piece of software. Great user interface. Easy camera control and hook up. Also allows for control of telescope and electric focusers and filter wheels. After that I use DSS for stacking and aligning. And then I do pretty much everything else in Photoshop. Christopher
  6. Ooops, forgot to mention that the Horsehead nebula photo above, was photographed with my unmodified Canon Xsi without any special filters. Christopher
  7. Yes, going by the color I would say you have it there in the lower left corner. Comet Lovejoy is mainly aqua green in color, with a faint white tail. Here is a link to a handy chart that can help you easily locate the comet at different dates. http://www.skyandtelescope.com/wp-content/uploads/Lovejoy2-1250px.gif Regarding your question about stacking, I have used Deep Sky Stacker on all my deep sky photos, including mine of comet Lovejoy. I find that it can make quite a worthy difference in most of my images. You may find it useful to do this if you do not have a tracking mount, and are restricted to shorter exposures. You may also want to consider taking some dark frames to remove the noise, as you are probably shooting at your highest ISO to pick up as much detail as possible without trails. Unfortunately I do not have my raw unstacked files for comet Lovejoy, but below are two pictures of the horsehead nebula, both taken on a tracking mount. One of them is the unstacked image, and the other is a stack of 68 images. As you can see it made quite a difference with this shot. As for comet Lovejoy, you won't need that many pictures as the comet is much brighter than the horsehead nebula. Christopher
  8. Yep, software can be great, but those bugs can really mess you up at times. I don't if it will work with -8 hours or no, as I don't have the old firmware anymore, but I assume it wouldn't as the bug was with the +- symbol, probably unrelated to what time you enter.
  9. Hey guys, I figured it out! I had gone through and double checked and rechecked all my information. I knew all of it was right, but the one thing that was wrong was that my time zone kept resetting to +6:00hrs whereas for me, it should have been -6:00hrs. I looked this up and it turns out that there was a bug about this in my Synscan firmware version. I updated it today to V.04.36.02 and it is working perfectly now! Thanks for taking the time anyway to give me possible solutions! Christopher
  10. Hello, I have been trying to align my mount using the goto hand controller. I have successfully aligned it with Polaris, but now I need to do the internal 2 star alignment. The issue is that when I choose my first star that I can see plainly in one direction, it slews in the completely opposite direction! I am using an Orion Atlas EQ-G. It does the same thing every time. I am wondering do I somehow not have it parked correctly? I have it set with both scales to zero. What am I doing wrong? Much help would be appreciated! Christopher
  11. Perhaps I should reword my question. How do you transport your mount to different locations, star parties, etc.?
  12. Does anybody have any case recommendations for the Orion EQ-G? I feel like I have looked everywhere and nobody makes one for my mount. I would prefer a hard case if possible. Thanks, Christopher
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