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  1. I mean these are USB to RJ45 FTDI cables so should do the job - unless I am missing something
  2. are these EQDIR cables some special or can we just buy say one of these https://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=usb+to+rj45+ftdi&sprefix=usb+to+rj%2Caps%2C147&crid=22HM5PFAGOAS0
  3. are these EQDIR cables some special or can we just buy say one of these https://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=usb+to+rj45+ftdi&sprefix=usb+to+rj%2Caps%2C147&crid=22HM5PFAGOAS0
  4. Hi Antony, I have to agree that 200PDS is a beast and not very portable. I have this telescope and its a brilliant scope with brilliant visuals. I do agree that it can end up having eye piece at awkward location due to the EQ5 mount but none the less you can rotate your scope. I have to add to it that the eye piece supplied with this will not allow you much to explore the wonderful sky so you might have to go for better eye piece or filters. Since my main aim was astro photography this suits me well.. I upgraded mine to goto and its brilliant. However for some reason I got the mount motors behaving funny and not having enough time to get it out and fix it. Remember to buy a laser collimator on day 1 as this is something that you will require from time to time with reflectors. Thanks Roy
  5. I wouldnt call it cheating because you are not putting anything additional in the image that wasn't there. The final image is still the same as captured by you .. all you are doing is processing it to supress unwanted noise and get the best of the object in concern.
  6. thanks for the reply !! Is the connector that you are mentioning the one that connects the EQ5 mount to he hand controller ?
  7. Oh - so in your case the problem was not the mount but the hand controller. Which might be the case with me too since my hand controller was also kept in the garage. (And it is still there) I will take it out and on a good sunny day (Hopefully to still get it in UK) will keep it in sun. I will also update the firmware and will try again and see how it works. Thanks for the advise.
  8. I will try about how the light flickers and will get back - thank you for your advise Tinker.
  9. I was trying to connect it to the mains and use it- for portable power I have a 12v unit that I bought from TESCO http://www.tesco.com/direct/4-in-1-power-pack-jump-start-portable-power-usb-power-supply-and-led-torch/141-1002.prd?pageLevel=&skuId=141-1002
  10. thats a good point - its an old firmware but I thought since it was working fine it should continue to work but anyways - I will update the handset and test and will let you know. Thanks for the advise !!
  11. Any suggestions what could be wrong here? OR has anyone ever faced this problem I kept the mount in the house whole day and then tried and its still the same.
  12. Thanks!! Powering the mount by mains
  13. Hi, I have a EQ5 mount which I use on my 200 PDS and synscan goto system. I used this in summers and was working fine and then the mount was kept in my garage for around 2-3 mounts and now when I took this out - Its behaving silly. First it started screaching a lot and then its going crazy on RA Axis. It will start rotating in one direction and then will stop and start rotating in the opposite direction - all while I keep holding the same button. For any speed less than 7 it does not even start moving. I applied some lubricant but neither it helped with the noise and obviously not with this rotation. Any advise please ?? ?
  14. Thank you !!! I have heard a lot of Bahitnov mask. I believe its high time I should get one.
  15. This is a brilliant photo - I should try these - Thank you
  16. Hi Super Giant, thats a good peice of guidance - I should not expect to see things in scope and then capture with camera - many objects might be difficult visually but long exposures imaging will bring them out. Thanks
  17. I see people posting brillian pics of orion nebula and horse head. Is it something visible from the scope ??? or is it something that comes only in pics after long exposures of DSOs
  18. Hi, yes it f/5 - so for sharper and better pictures should I use barlows. Sorry that canon comment was for the Saturn picture. I looked through the webcam once and then left it.
  19. Hi !! I have an EQ5 mount with synscan that came with the scope.
  20. I am a complete novice in astro-photography and bough this scope after my research hoping to have a great view / image. Visual using eye-pieces that came with the scope: The scope is collimated and when I look I can get an OK - decent view of Saturn. When Orion Nebula was visibile then a haze of nebula with Astronomik UHC filter ON and may be decent view of Jupiter and its moon. I am attaching a picture of Saturn and that is exactly how I saw from my telescope. Photography using Canon unmoded 550D: When I try to take a picture of a planet using a webcam - I see on my laptop that its never focused and hence the only picture I was able to take was of moon. Orion nebula : I never trying taking a picture because I thought when I cannot see it clearly how can a color picture come out with great details - visually it was just like a small white haze in my scope with Astronomik UHC Filter on it . When I see others posting brilliant photos from 130 pds and 200 pds I dont know what I am doing wrong and why the pics are not coming great. Any guide/advice will be really helpful Thanks KRoy
  21. Thanks for your replies and suggestions Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  22. Oops.. Yes I finally got to see Jupiter - the problem was collimation of the scope... Next to image it... Working for with my cam Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  23. That is an excellent advise.... thanks a lot Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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