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  1. Yeah Steve I went to see Aussie Pink Floyd Show and as I love PF anyway it was awesome and I was entranced when they were singing Young Lust - LOVE that song - and went to applaud at the end - forgot I was holding my camera and dropped it and screen cracked as did the lens
  2. Once you'd input your location for me it automaticaly sets my elevation to the correct one. Mines in London and set at 26M if I adjust it then I get a different location. I'm still learning what to do with stellarium so don't know if that was any help.
  3. Hi Steve welcome back I joined this forum the other day and a couple of weeks ago I was reading a magazine and saw your book advertised and thought 'ooh I think I'll get that' as I have only done some basic astrophotography and quite fancy getting into deep sky astrophotography although I need to get a new camera mine got a tad busted at a gig a few months ago.
  4. Astronamy


    Hey Steve welcome I live in London so you don't need to tell me about lack of clear skies hehe. Good luck with choosing a scope
  5. I love my skywatcher Explorer 130PM I'd take them over Meades any day. At my uni we had a Meade (RoCCoTO - Robotic Cyberspace Community Telescope Observatory) that was always breaking down and going wrong so you've made a good choice I say Have fun with the explorer
  6. Thanks AstroTiger and congratulations to you! And ello to everyone how are we today? - I'm all sneezy - darn hayfever!
  7. Hi Athena welcome to the SLG I joined yesterday and I'm also from London. Hope you have a fab time here theres tons of friendly helpful people I have found
  8. Hehe Ron I look forward to taking them up on the common and letting them take a look. But yeah I have wanted some binns for yonks now easier to transport etc and I'm off to Egypt for my honeymoon in just over 5 months so I want to take them with me to there
  9. Astronamy

    Me & Astro stuff & random :)

    Images of me, a few astronomy images and other random things
  10. Hi everyone thanks so much for the lovely welcome messages Glowjet - Yeah I have 2 tripods - both pretty hefty / sturdy ones and AstroTiger - I'm on the outskirts of Wimbledon
  11. Hey everyone my name's Amy - Astronamy - get it? Hehe I've just joined here and I am an astronomy - do you know how hard it is NOT to write astronamy - graduate from Glamorgan University and have moved back to London. I've got 2 telescopes, a skywatcher skyhawk 114 and a skywatcher explorer 130PM and I have just ordered some Adler Kosmos 15x70 high powered binoculars from Scopes 'n' Skies so should get those shortly Tis nice to be here
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