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  1. I'm still out there when I get the chance. This was taken 1 week ago through the Tasco 17tr 80mm refractor telescope, Hybrid mirror diagonal and a 32mm Celestron Plossl eyepiece. Afocal shot, hand held but this time with a Sony Cybershot W610 compact digital camera 14mp. Some optical zoom used with the camera. A total of 136 photos taken, this was about the best with a handful of other keepers.

    DSC00688 Test B&W.png.jpg

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  2. This last image is correctly orientated. I have named some of the larger lunar surface features and a few smaller ones. There may be a typo :o

    With my current telescopes and imaging gear I have worked out that I can resolve craters/craterlets down to about 4-5 kilometers in diameter. To better this and to get clearer overall and finer detail I'm looking at buying an IR block filter and eventually a larger SCT. I'm also still on the hunt for a Televue Powermate.

    Day Lunar Study_Correctly Or Named Final.png

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  3. Hi Aaron. I'm working on 1 good shot (keeper) per 10 shots now handheld. I have ordered one of these below to help out. I was going to get the older plastic type but decided to give this newer one a go first.

    Afocal Rig (Small).jpg

    The Orion Expanse 20mm 1.25" EP gives good clear views while still keeping all of the moon in shot. I've started experimenting with the camera's optical zoom which seems to be working out well. Previously I've used 32mm and 40mm 1.25" EP's in my C8 for afocal which also produce nice results. I've recently bought a 50mm 2" EP which I've yet to test.


  4. Some more handheld afocal work yesterday late afternoon 11/10/2016, this time with a Sony Cybershot DSC-W610 14mp compact camera, 80 ISO with auto exposure taken through an Orion Expanse 20mm EP and the Celestron Nexstar 8i SCT. I used some of the cameras optical zoom.

    Images had some level adjustment and sharpening in PaintDotNet and converted to black and white. The last image of the Alps Region is a 2 image stitch in Autostitch.

    Images not correctly orientate and need to be flipped I think.


    DSC00501 25p.png

    DSC00501 25p BW.png


    DSC00492 25p Sharpened.png

    DSC00492 25p Sharpened BW.png


    Day Lunar Alpine Region 40percent 2 frame stitch.png

    Day Lunar Alpine Region 40percent 2 frame stitch BW.png

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  5. Good afocal work there Aaron especially with a phone and the little 90 Mak.

    I do like doing afocal myself, hit and miss sometimes taking the shots by hand but it can be very rewarding when you get that nice shot.

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  6. Early morning on the 22/09/2016 with the Celestron 8i SCT, Bintel 2x ED 2" Barlow, ZWO ASI174mm and Celestron UV/IR cut off filter with Firecapture. Conditions poor.

    I was taking 1 minute videos here and there around the lunar surface. Focusing was difficult, wobbly live view with fleeting sharp frames.

    After Autostakkert2 had aligned and stacked 5% best frames (around 4150 total each video) then wavelets in Registax6, I decided to throw the resulting images in to AutoStitch to see what it could do. I had no intentions of doing a mosaic, it just happened.

    Finished off in PaintDotNet with some sharpening and level adjustment.

    The images I'm getting are still on the soft side, happy with what I got as I'm starting to get some detail in the larger crater walls. Hoping for much better conditions soon.

    This final image has been reduced in size.

    6 Pane Lunar Mosaic_Celestron 8i _ZWO ASI174mm Final.png


    2 pane below from AutoStitch, slightly larger image from the one above.

    Celestron 8i ZWO ASI174mm final.png



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  7. Here's another shot from this morning with just some sharpening, cropped and resized to 80%

    I've found in all my shots doing afocal with a compact digital camera that I can get only certain parts of the moon in reasonably good focus and that's along the Terminator, however around the edge and down the bottom, focus is poor. Would a field flattener be of any use to me with afocal? I'm assuming the problem is with the small lens design of the camera I'm using.

    The Best Shot Cropped 80percent some sharpening.png

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  8. On 18/09/2016 at 20:18, nightfisher said:

    I have been having the usual set to with registax so ended up with a single frame from this morning using ED80 and 1000D, i had to pull the nosepiece halfway out of drawtube to get focus, had visions of my 1000D ending up in bits on the paving slabs

    Luna snipe Ed80 1000D.PNG

    Do you have a 2x Barlow Jules? A shorty would be best by the sound of it. Unscrew the lens off the Barlow and use it as an extension tube. It may save some tears in the future. The only negative to doing this is you may get some droop with the weight of your DSLR.

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  9. That's a great first lunar pic to your thread Jules, it's about time :p

    I'd say you don't have enough back focus with your DSLR? Add your diagonal or a Barlow lens with the lens removed, just like an extender.

  10. 6 hours ago, Scooot said:

    They're smashing shots. The first I've seen clearly showing the shadow. I glimpsed it in between clouds last night but it looked fairly normal to me. I thought perhaps I detected a darkening near the top but then I wondered whether that's because I knew it should be :) 

    It was very subtle Scoot, much less effect than a partial eclipse that has a more visual shadowed edge and area. Visually by eye I thought I could see it and it was hard to tell looking through the scope too but it was there. It showed more in my 50+ decent photos I kept. I should really do a stack but on single shot lunars I don't seem to have much luck aligning.

    I'm sure my single exposure shown here is correctly orientated, we do live upside down here :)

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  11. Harvest Moon. Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. Taken early this morning 2:50am on the 17th September with a Tasco 17TR 80mm refractor, afocal shot with Hybrid mirror diagonal and my Fujifilm A170 compact digital camera over a Celestron 32mm eyepiece.

    A few different edits.

    DSCF2269 (Large)_FotoSketchersharpened 2x.png

    Tasco 17TR_32mmEP_Afocal.png

    Penumbral Lunar Eclipse (Large) Tasco 17TR.png

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  12. First real clear night suitable for some lunar photography for weeks. Telescope used was a Focal (same as Towa) catadioptric reflector telescope, D=76mm FL=600mm f7.9. Afocal shot with an unbranded 40mm EP and Fujifil budget compact digital camera. This scope gives very nice low magnification views. Photo is a bit noisy, collimation seems to be out just by visually looking at mirror alignment, through focusing tube and focus through eyepiece, so room for improvement all round.

    76mm 40mm Unbrand FF10mp 25p_FSK2.png

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