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  1. I just want to say first of all what an amazing and helpful forum this is. I have into astronomy for about 40 years now, but my observing techniques and experience.... well lets just say I have NOT progressed at all. I have had a 10 inch Newtonian, which I built myself, with the exception of the optics, I have had a 4 inch Cassigrain...[don't think I spelled that right] and a 5 inch refractor. ALL three telescopes failed me in spectacular fashion... or should I say I failed in that the experience with all three was frustrating, and uneventful in that with the last telescope I had.. the 5 inch refractor... I just looked the moon. Now I have binoculars, and I intend to buy some larger binos in the near future. So how do I observe?? Basically my observational experience is virtual. I spend a lot of time looking thru my atlases. I have the Millenium Star Atlas... all three volumes, Burnhams celestial handbook... a classic 3 volume set, as well as other assorted books and guides. This means of course, that I spend a lot of time planning and generating lists of observable targets for my son, to whom I gave my refractor, in that I knew it would at least be used for it's intended purpose. So I guess this means I am a planner rather than an observer. Well at least I know where everything is... and when it is.. haha. I DO however enjoy evenings out under the stars with my binos, and will do so even more when I get my larger binos with tripod sometime this year. I guess my point here is that astronomy is not just about observing... but it is about planning and studying the stories of discovery, reading about the experiences of other seasoned observers, and so on. Just wanted to share... that's it
  2. I was wondering where to post my thoughts on this forum. I agree with one post, where it was said that they asked for help and the response was rude and discouraging. NOT so here. That doesn't mean that I feel lost still and that I have been lurking for a while after joining. The amount of information both given, and shared here, is overwhelming, but also very educational. As I have said before I only have binoculars. I have owned telescopes in the past and found the whole experience to be frustrating and finally... pointless. SO ... that being said... I rely consistently, albeit silently on the massive amount of entertaining and educational information that is ever present here. I seriously doubt that I will ever buy a telescope again, given my inability to operate them even remotely effectively, but this does not deter me from enjoying my binoculars, and in particular, the shared and learned experiences gained from lurking here at this amazing forum.
  3. Thank you for your input everyone.... I have been told DO NOT buy anything until after Christmas.... hmmmmmm wonder what that means. lol
  4. yes I have looked at Sky Safari, but it appears to be an application for phones and not a desktop computer?
  5. Liquid, my setup; and I assume your are referring to my computer, is Windows 8.1 on a desktop. I don't have a telescope; I only have binoculars.
  6. Hello everyone, I have been researching... and going crazy trying to decide between two software programs, those being "deepsky" and "Skytools 3". Does anyone else here have either of these programs or have you had experiences with same. I had an earlier version of Deepsky a few years ago and I HATED IT. The owner has promised me that many improvements have been added... buut I am still very skeptical. What are your views??? THX Ian
  7. Ian12

    Hello everyone

    Hey all, I have just joined this forum. I probably have a very rudimentary understanding of the science compared to most all of you. So I will try and contribute, but I will probably ask more than I will share. I am 63 years young and I have been into astronomy since I was 15. right now I have a lot of books and a pair of binoculars. I have owned 4 telescopes in my years and all of them were frustrating and or expensive failures. SO... I just stick with bino's now. Oh... and I live in Nevada, USA and I am going to retire in a couple of years. Ian
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