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  1. These days i feel your point. and it's really big bless who has good observing place. i always move to go dark place with car. you are lucky
  2. Hi Yes i use 9X50 finder as guide scope and main reflector is SCT. i'll checkmirror flop too. i didn't concern too much because mirror lock. Thank
  3. Thanks for suggest. i think i should study PHD far more. thanks again!
  4. Hi.. I never did Guiding Assistant before. i will try next shoot. thanks for suggest.
  5. Hi.. Yes i did polar align good with polemaster. i will check for flattner. thanks
  6. Hi. thanks for information. i will try I wonder did your guide make smeared star shape? even my rms is around 0.2 arcsecond my result always smeared.
  7. Thanks much for your good tutorial. i should learn about drift align more. thanks again! here are my PHD statues which i capture screen. i realized that i should input guidescop's focal length.
  8. Hi. I will try capture this later. and issue continues, i'll post guide log. Thanks for suggestion.
  9. Hi Thanks for Suggestion.. i will try look into more carefully RA,DEC direction. another good point to check. Thanks!
  10. hello. Thanks for reply. i think i did not try input guide scope/camera details into PHD2. i am interesting drift align you mentioned. i will try this too later. thanks again for your suggestion!
  11. hi.. I am try to autoguide for imaging. however, result looks bit smeared stars even 2 min exposure. guide software is PHD2 and polar align is well aligned. the graph is not so good. if you can advice to help enhance autoguide success rate, please let me know. any advice would be welcome. Thanks
  12. hello Chris... I'm sorry confusion your name and late reply. i have forgot this thread. Your link is what exactly i want to see. very appreciate! it's really wonder human hand make this precise curve.
  13. Thanks for all reply to this topic @Main Sequence : it's amazing 19" could be done. thanks for suggest. @mikeDnight : Thanks for suggestion. i wonder is there a tip for precise grinding.
  14. hi.. I heard someone make 16" reflector with firex glass. my wonder is this could be realize with just one man's hand? i think this would be very precise curve. can hand made would be good? and if yes, how? thanks
  15. @Supernova : Thanks for detailed explanation. it helped me. and did you means that there is way without reducer to shot outside of camera frame? for example, i want to shot andromeda on one frame. however, Edge HD 8" is too enlarge this object. so i thought reducer to reduce this. if just reduce in photoshop, what about outside of frame? sorry if i miss some point. thanks
  16. Hi all...... I wonder if i buy ordinary focal reducer for my Edge HD 8", what problem happens to view or camera shooting? there looks vignetting issue. but i can crop image. This could be a problem? any advice would be welcome. thanks in advance.
  17. Hello i am tryng star sense for guiding sct. I wonder is star sense align not need polar align. mine is advanced vx. I did just heading to Polaris roughly and align use star sense. it look track well for eye seeing. But stars drift little amount as time goes on. should I need guide scope and notebook for 1~5 min exposure? thanks for advance...
  18. Thanks for confirm! final assembly is USA looks good.
  19. looks nice. i have one question, can you confirm where this product made? is Made in USA or China ? thanks
  20. hi.. i can't find way how to attach StarShootAutoguider to Celestron 9X50 finder? anyone have done this?
  21. Highlandboy @ thanks for reply. i wonder do you fit some kind of screw in it? did you don't pull out small pipe?
  22. Hi Thanks for replay I think celestron did put pipe for some reason Looks for use more small screw
  23. Hi. I intend to replace original Edge HD 8" narrow dovetail to big dovetail and bought follow product. https://www.widescreen-centre.co.uk/Products/Celestron_DOVETAIL_BAR_CGE_.html but, i found that can't fit screw diameter. my EdgeHD's screw hole is small to not to insert screw. it looks screw hole filled some kind of metal pipe. how should i do? can i remove this metal pipe? thanks in advance
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