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  1. I would like to examine just one aspect. What will be more accurate for astrophotography? Servomotors from Losmandy Gemini 2 or Stepper motors from Avalon with 1/72 microsteps drive? Stepper motors from AVALON gives accuracy about 0.1 arc sec with combination with GM8 (G11 0.05 arc sec) I don't know nothing about accuracy of Servomotors.
  2. Avalon StarGo: http://www.avalon-instruments.com/StarGo_BT?id=77aa03a0-00b9-42f9-b2f2-b9b3507430dd Losmandy Gemini 2: http://www.losmandy.com/losmandygoto/gemini2.html
  3. Hi all, This is my first post on this forum so I would like to say Hello. My name is Lucjan... I'm Losmany GM-8 user with Digital Drive System and I would like to upgrade my mount to better system with new better accuracy motors. Main mount usage is for astrophotography. I have two options and I don't know what will be better for me (price is similar). 1. Losmandy Gemini 2 with servomotors and encoders. - smoother (good enough?) - faster than existing DDS - many usefull futures 2. Avalon StarGo + stepper motors from Avalon - stepper motors with microsteps - Super fast with GoTo x800 - GoTo with BT smartphone - extra ports for motors to focuser or filterwheel. But as I say earlier - basic usage is astrophotography and I care about smooth and maximum precisely work. I like Gemini 2 with servomotrs but I have never seen how it works. Thanks in advance.
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