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  1. We are going to have to give it a miss as well due to the latest advice. Take care. Lee and Jane
  2. Booked pitch 14 for 20th to 23rd. Looking forward to it again.
  3. Hi, are the tube rings and Losmandy plate made by Orion Optics UK
  4. Thanks for the replies, they have all been helpful. I guess the Esprit is the better scope but only just. I like the idea of getting the Equinox and having money left over to get eyepieces. On the other hand, I bought a Delos 8 & 14mm over the last year and brantuk commented they partner the Esprit well so I’m back thinking I’ll get the Esprit. I’m getting from the replies is that the Esprit is a good scope and I wont be disappointed which was what I was hoping for. I think I’ll go with the Esprit. Thanks again.
  5. Hi everyone, Great forum. Always been into astronomy so 18 months ago finally bought a Skywatcher 200P with EQ5 mount. Pleased with scope, not with weather! I would like to get a refractor scope. I’m interested in the Skywatcher Esprit 120 apo. I’m drawn to this scope because I feel it has a good size objective lens, good quality optics and it’s shorter than other 120mm scopes I’ve looked at. This being important because I would like to take it when I go camping. I’m thinking of the sky tee II mount to go with it because of the weight. Questions are, do you think the Esprit is overkill for observing (it is a lot of money)? I imagine I’ll take some snaps in the future but at the moment I’m purely visual, looking at whatever I can manage to find. Is it better visually than the Equinox 120? Also will it be better, the same or worse than the 200P? All help and advice appreciated Thanks Lee
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