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  1. Total lunar eclipse Sunday night/Monday morning (2019/01/20-21) and conjunction of Venus & Jupiter on Tuesday morning(2019/01/22)! 

  2. Hey SB! Here's the link to the video I posted of the occultation:


  3. The moon just occulted Aldebaran!

    1. HiloDon


      Hi Reggie,

      I saw that was going to happen tonight.  I think we're a bit late on it.  Any pictures?

      BTW, I think they're going to play the Halloween video on Saturday at the VIS banquet.

      Hope all is well with you.


    2. orion25


      Hey, Don. Everything is great. I shot some video of the occultation that I'm going to post. I was up until 2:40 a.m.! That's great about the VIS banquet; I'm going to make it a Halloween ritual to show my friends our video. I had shared it with some of the local astronomers; they were really impressed. Plus, we just got some nice upgrades on the local observatory and planetarium. I'm stoked! :happy7:


      Hope you're doing well, too,


    3. stepping beyond

      stepping beyond

      I'm looking forward to seeing the videos , moon is up during the daytime here in states. No moon at night , man I wish my dsi would work perfect for imaging those really faint fuzzies. SB

  4. Out hunting Perseids this morning! Just came inside for a moment to post. My first was a bright one with a long trail in the western sky, streaking in an almost perfect line from north (just under Ursa Major) to south (under Boötes). Stellar! Hope everyone gets an opportunity to see some. Peace out :headbang:

    1. Knighty2112


      Glad you got some clear skies to observe them. Clouded out again last night, but hoping for a clear spell tonight. :) 

    2. orion25


      I'm sending you some clear skies, Knighty :happy7:

    3. Knighty2112


      Thanks Orion! Much appreciated! :) 

  5. SGL is the place to be! So many nice people here. Makes astronomy even more fun!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. orion25


      Haha, Mars :-D Glad you're here

    3. Tzitzis


      People here are friendly AND interesting. You are a multi-instrumentalist I am too (self taught though:P)

    4. orion25


      Tzitzis, I'm self taught, too! I make up my own rules, haha :-)

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