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  1. Hi. Im about to purchase the atik 428ex mono,has anyone used it and how did they get on i havent really seen any images taken with it yet and there dosent seem to be much reviews around.Be great to here from owners. Thanks Ian
  2. So where would the ideal histogram lie,i will post latest attempt
  3. John,it was at zero just been trying again this time watching the histogram and varying the exp
  4. I think it would help if i new what i was looking for!!
  5. Actally im not sure,just looked at the original master and i think it could be the tee shirt fabric.
  6. I think its where i reduced the size of the image so much,was 80mb
  7. Taken with a light box and white t shirt stretched over ,i have attached master flat from dss
  8. John They were taken in av mode the master flat i have looks good too
  9. Why cant i make flats work in Dss. Im using a modded dslr and a light box,my flats look good to me problem is when i put it all together in Dss they dont seem to work and im still left with artifacts in the image. I have attached a flat image,am i doing something wrong this is now becoming a major headache for me . Ian
  10. Hi,this is the 1st post in a while work has got in the way,and the weather. after imaging comet garradd the other night i slewed to m33 and took 15x4 min exp with dark,flats and bias frames. This was taken with a modified canon 350 dslr with cls filter from the centre of Bath.stacked in DSS and tweaked in CS5. Im quite pleased with it as the light polution around me is bad. I will add alot more subs when the weather clears up. Thanks for looking Ian
  11. Its strange,I double checked by covering the scope.tried about 20 times,downloaded gpusb check and that seemed to work ok. tried again still ra error message saying star didnt move enough,then on the next attempt it worked,imaging now so keeping my fingers crossed.
  12. My set up has been stable and untouched for over a year now,I imaged on tuesday night everything was fine,started tonight and i noticed the guider hadnt calibrated,the light was flashing re/green on gpusb but i couldnt hear the changing tones coming from the eq6 pro. Does any one have any thoughts i have reset everything removed everything reinstalled and used differant computer for phd but nothing happens,could the gpusb haved packed up or could it be more sinister in the mount.Can the port be tested. Thanks Ian Pass
  13. Chris. I have a watec 902h camera with various lenses im experimenting with currently i have a 16mm f 1.4 lens with auto iris this is what i used to capture meteor. this is mounted in a cctv housing and connected to my video capture on the computer. What makes it so good is the software,Ufo capture by SonotaCo.com *English* basicly you can use the free version,or pay for a full version and how it works is that its always buffering and when it detects any movement it then records a few seconds before.the free version works well but is limited to just capture and record. Ian
  14. Hi all For the last 3 weeks I have been building a meteor cam,that is triggered by any movement. I have used a watec 902h camera which has a very low lux rating,and also various lenses at presant a 16mm f 1.4. After lots of tests and false captures i had my 1st meteor last week. It was a strange one as it left no trail and compaired to the field of view was quite bright. I have attached a video that is saved in you tube as this gives the best quality . in the image you can see alderbaran to the bottom of the screen the hyades to the middle and the pliedes to the upper right. the software i was using to capture this is ufo capture. the link is thanks for looking Ian
  15. Heads up, The wiltshire astronomical society will be holding a Geminids viewing session tonight.We will be meeting at 8pm behind the red lion pub in lacock wiltshire. Wrap up warm bring a chair and a flask and come along. Ian
  16. I have been posting on another topic about a similar event. At approx 5.45 tonight (could be earlier) I saw a bright fireball streaking across the sky from east to west and about 70 deg dec,I estimate it to be about mag -5 as it reached directly over head it split into several orange pieces ,and also left a trail for a few seconds. Ian
  17. Trevor, Iam in bath,the time wasnt exact just a guess so it could of been earlier.!!! Ian
  18. Was in garden at about 5.45 tonight setting up a new astrotrac, very bright fireball traveling east to west about 70 deg est mag -5. This has been reported on local tv tonight.I did see it break up and dont think it hit the ground. Did anyone else see it!!! Ian
  19. Pete Thats what i did more or less,I did start by opening im maxim and applying ddp to stretch the histogram more,then transfered into p cs5 and like you said levels and curves,but i didnt crop. Ian
  20. Ron I have had a little play with the m31 data,and this is what i have come up with. Ian
  21. Tried re working some data from last week,this time i use Kappa sigma in DSS and 5 iterations. The results seemed a lot better and the colour really came out. 35x2 mins iso 800,wth moded 350 d. Ian
  22. There is definatly a tail now showing on this little beauty. 35x120 sec iso 800 moded 350d with cls filter, Taken from heavly light polluted Bath.
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