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  1. I would like to be able to align and focus my 8se with an eyepiece and then switch it out with the lodestar x2 attached to the MFR2 focal reducer . With this camera combo, about what size eyepiece would this be equivalent to?
  2. Paul....... Thanks for asking. I should have learned to swim first before I jumped into the deep end. All I can say is the lodestar works and I aligned my scope. Thats about all. Using nexremote on a windows pc next to the scope and then transferring to inside imac Never made it inside.. LL lost exposure control a few times, it froze during the countdown. Had to restart a few times. You guys make it look so easy. Learning alot ,but it's taking time. I guess I'm paying my dues. Looking forward to a real first light. Not getting discouraged, getting excited! Roy
  3. Don... yes it does. This would then increase the length to the sensor. Would I just have to refocus. Sorry to ask these basic questions as I have very little experience. Also would any new combinations of focal reducers and spacers just require new focus? Roy
  4. Dom...... I picked up an antares .5 reducer and I'm trying to connect it to the x2c. It won't connect directly to the camera. As per 3b. in the quote I need a 1.25" c-mount nose piece that will attach to the reducer. Can you tell me which one I could get for this. I'm a little confused with the different thread possibilities. Thanks Roy
  5. Don.......I understand that, so I won't need any drivers for the x2c to work with LL. Roy
  6. It looks like the software that comes with the x2c is windows only .. Do the drivers come with the lodestar live software for a mac?
  7. Just received the lodestar x2c and ready to attach it to the scope. I have the focal reducers also. Lodestar live is loaded on my imac, telescope will be controlled on a windows laptop via my 14 year old son, (whos scope it is but dad has taken over it.) I think I'm all set to go but have a question about focusing. How do I focus this camera? Is there anything else I'm missing. Scope is celestron 8se and have celestron f6.3 and mallincams MFR-5 focal reducer. I will try the MFR-5 with and without the f6.3. I will be using the diagonal. Roy
  8. Dom..... Could I just use a MFR5 attached to the x2 into the diagonal. Roy
  9. Don..... this reducer looks good. Could you give me the info in order to connect this reducer to the 8" sct. Roy
  10. I'm trying to get as much information before I jump into the world of video astronomy. I was all set to pick up the new mallincam xterminator, until I came upon this forum and all the info on the new x2c. This looks very possible for my setup. I have a nexstar 8se and would need a focal reducer. I can't seem to find a f3.3 but can pick up the mallincam mfr5. Would this be a good setup with the sct 8" and the loadstar x2c. I would like to run everything from inside of the house. With the mallincam 50' cables are commonplace but what about the usb cable. I would need 50' from scope to pc. Are there any diagrams showing how to connect this to scope and pc. Sorry for all of the questions, but it seems you guys are on the cutting edge of this exciting new gear. Thanks Roy
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