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  1. Looking to make a move into the lower ends of imaging, and slowly drawing up a 'shopping list' of kit to source. For a guide cam, is there any real difference between a QHY5 and a QHY5-II, as the new ones are hard to find second hand Thanks Chris
  2. My first attempt at an Astro Pic - 1000 or so images with SPC900 and Nexstar 130 SLT
  3. Always use 3 star myself, as has been said, the more you use the better the accuracy. Also helps to make sure the mount is set up properly too, else the accuracy drifts off quite quick I have found.
  4. Got a Nexstar 130, which I'm very pleased with, but not quite in the 'few thousand' bracket. Wish I had that kind of cash
  5. I bought a Nexstar 130 SLT on GOTO mount as my 1st scope, and have been very pleased with it. Upgraded the stock eyepieces and replaced the finder, but the tube and mirror give very good views. Holds colimation well too. Now looking to upgrade, as I want to get into Astro Photograhy - yes I know, slippery slope - but will keep the 130 for the foreseeable too
  6. Switched from a RDF to a low power (6x30) finderscope on my SW 130 SLT a while back. Took a while to get use to the narrower field of view, but wouldn't go back now.
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