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    Hi all

    Generally folk use Canon (as I found having a Nikon) and then guided mounts and scopes with focal lengths varying depending upon the target - just trying to get into it myself, so lots of reading - forums are a useful place to start
  2. I heard wearing a hat is the best way to keep your feet warm, Heat is directed down if it can't escape through the skull
  3. Guy at work using Pi with a camera, wil ask him next time I see him
  4. AS!2 has worked for me like that in the past too
  5. I found AS!2 gave better results than DSS - may be worth a look
  6. Was reading some stuff on the web earlier about LP and how filters can help. Lots of info out there if you try googling - think I searched CLS filter
  7. Tricky focusing via a PC screen, not lease because the resolution normally isn't that great, and dimmed down in the dark doesn't help. Maybe take a few AVI's and refocus for each. Even if they look the same, when you process them they will probably differ a little
  8. From a purely PC perspective, there is a limit to the length of a USB cable. Generally anything much over 2 or 3 m will suffer from data loss, and maybe a reduction in throughput too. Data loss in a PC environment is obviously critical, maybe not so much so with a webcam , but even so shorter is probably better
  9. Lends me hope as I will have a similar set up soon, and looking forward to seeing what I can capture
  10. Will keep an eye on this if you make progress as I'm about to start down a similar route
  11. Visited another member off here yesterday, he runs an electric blanket on low and a dehumidifier in his Obsy to keep condensation at bay. Keeping scope outside otherwise must have an effect
  12. If you get this to work, would love to know as I was told inward focus was an issue, and DSLR couldn[t be accomodated
  13. Seen a few pics with stacks of 5 images of 30 secs., not necessarily guided, just tracking on the mount - they look quite acceptable to me
  14. Very nice, better than Suffolk last night
  15. Including the GOTO head on the mount, reckon it's closer to 90cm - 1m when folded
  16. So I'm not the only one with a street lamp to contend with - what can be done to filter it out if anything, do the filters you see advertised work to any degree of success?
  17. Do any of your friends want some new kit, drag a few more of the UK clouds off to mainland Europe - weather over the next few days looks awful
  18. Clouds seems to be all we do get recently - enjoy
  19. Interesting, always wondered why only two listed when 3 were used - you learn something every day!!
  20. Hi, Been a member of OASI (Ipswich) for a year or so now, but steered towards this site by a longstanding member, who has been very helpful, and sold me a couple of bits too - thanks Chris Using a Nexstar 130 SLT, with upgraded eyepieces and new finderscope to replace the RDF. Now looking to move into lower end of imaging, with SW 200P and HEQ5, with guidescope, DSLR etc etc - start of a slippery slope maybe Anyone Suffolk way, perhaps bumo into you one dark night Chris
  21. Bought a secondhand 130 SLT about a year ago, cracking little scope. Have added some replacement eyepieces, and finderscope, and tube rings (helps stop some wobble) but mirror is great, good optics for such a budget scope in my opinion
  22. Thanks all, much appreciated Was 1500 shot AVI video at 10 FPS, with 5x Barlow (that you also sold me Chris!) via SharpCap, then post processed with PIPP, AS!2 and PhotoShop CS6. Little over done on the smoothing, but was quite pleased with it. Focusing via the PC screen was a nightmare Chris
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