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  1. Have some funds available to look at getting into (lower end of) astrophotography. Looking at Celestron Advanced VX mount, but various suppliers are doing with an 8" Newt for a good price - but the Celestron scope doesn't dome with a fine focuser, where-as the SW 200PDS does, but total price would be more. Looking to start down the Astro Photography route, primarily with DSO as a priority over planets and lunar (though will do these too if the scope suits, but not first choice) Would also like to be able to use it for visual too. Depending on location (home or local dark sky sites) may be guided or just allowing the scope to track, but from what I've read the VX will do both, and tracks well if set up carefully. So, proverbial question, what set-up do people recommend. Budget, probably up to about £1500, allowing some funds to be kept aside for DSLR, Guidescope and Camera, power pack, reducers, coma correctors, etc if needed. Thanks for reading Chris
  2. Hi, welcome. Got the same scope here, it a nice model
  3. Agree with the advice to visit a club. Will cost one night and some fuel, wrong scope will leave you unhappy for ages
  4. Have a look on AstroBuySell, see what they have for sale, I picked up replacement eyepieces from there for my scope last year, and much better than the stock ones. Need to do a bit of research (on here) as to whether they are any good, but the search can be fun if you can wait a bit to get a good one at a good price
  5. General rule of thumb is 50x diameter in inches, but this is a max and requires perfect seeing conditions - others will add more info I'm sure
  6. My first pic (my avatar) was taken with a Phillips SPC900C web cam (and 5x barlow) it's an AVI of 1500 frames at 10 fps, then stacking best 1200 and post processing. Quite a lot of folk suggested to me this was easier with a small scope at least then DSLR, so may be worth some thought
  7. Not sure if they still do then, guess they will, I've got a Mountain Equipment Down filled jacket. Double layer on the body, single on the arms. I can honestly say it's the ONLY top I've never been cold in, rated to -25 celsius, but if you are sitting by a scope it's amazing how much extra you need compared to being active
  8. Sorry to hear you are under the weather. Skys around the Broads can ve very dark, if you can get away from trees along the river banks
  9. Are you mainly interested in Lunar and planets or deep space objects as the focal length needed for each is often incompatible. Most scopes are upside down or back to front or both, so if you want it for daytime terrestial use that will limit your choices too, others will no doubt give you some model numbers. It can be a long road, but I'm learning that taking your time and getting it right pays dividends in the long term
  10. I have a Nexstar 130 SLT F5, and Meade 4000 15mm works just fine, as does my Antares W70 9.7mm - neither is particularly expensive
  11. Been toying with a Refractor myself for imaging, as I know lots of people use them, but want to be able use it for visual too, hence now looking for a 200PDS or similar. It's quite a task to pick a scope you are happy with and then part with hard earned cash to buy it - don't envy you Chris
  12. Thanks, As I said, maybe obvious to old hands, but newer folk perhaps need a little more explanation, but then I guess if we don't understand, we're probably not in a position to comment and help the OP anyway.
  13. Wow, thanks for all the replies in a short space of time. Thinking a bit more, I personally feel about 65 - (maybe) 75% for a good and sought after scope, maybe 65% for a mount (lots of electronics to go wrong) and less for higher volume items like cameras, (average) eyepieces, finder scopes etc. Seems a little negotiation with sellers will be in order as I piece together a shopping list to get into AstroPhotography Chris
  14. Could you enlighten a Newbie as to what the "after market SCT - Moonlight/Baader/SW" is, as it adds about £250 to the price so far as I can see looking at an ad for the MAK 180. Guess it's obvious to most, but sorry not to me.
  15. That's one lucky school to afford all that in their own Obsy - well done
  16. Not sure if this is the right forum, please feel free to move. Just a general query. What do people feel is the going rate for secondhand scopes, mounts, cameras, guide scopes etc etc.? Have read a few comments where people say they won't pay more than 50% of the new price, and that there is plenty of choice, etc, but..... ....Many ads both here, on AstroBuySell and flea-bay have asking prices far in excess of 50%, often in excess of 75% of new. So, do you have a feel for how much is too much, without expecting a massive bargain, but a the same time without being ripped off? I suspect the rate may differ depending on whether it's a scope or GOTO mount or camera, but lets see. I will assume the item is in good condition, used but not abused and say 18 months to 3 years old. My first stab, for a starter, is to look to pay about 60 - 65% of new..... Over to you
  17. Glad you found it this time around, very satisfying isn't it! Problem I, and others have found, is it can get addictive, and you want a bigger scope to see more and then maybe a camera or two, and an obsy to put it all in, and, and, and...... Keep at it, you will enjoy it
  18. Will keep an eye on the classifieds 1st post I've managed to get over 2 pages too
  19. Would love you to point in the direction of them, as I've been looking for some months now without success - maybe I'm too pernickety (oh ok....fussy) in what I want. Occassional one comes up on AstroBuySell (or even classifeds here) but always something not quite right - usually price as folks seems to want a minimum of 65% of retail and quite often quite a bit more, and then delivery, often 2 or 3 times what a retail outlet would charge???
  20. Thanks Chris, just can't really justify a top end secondhand price with the associated time and cost of a 6 hour round trip to pick it up. Especially as there could be somethng wrong with it and then it's 6 hours and costs for nothing. Will keep looking. If anybody knows of an HEQ5 with SW 200 PDS (or similar) within a couple of hours drive of Ipswich....... (or maybe even an MN190 and NEQ6!!) Anyway, thanks everybody, at least I have a better idea what to go for when I do get a better scope
  21. Thanks for all the feedback, very helpful. Right now it's on hold as not sure that the scope/mount I was going to buy is happening, so on the look out again for something a bit closer to me or even have to buy new. Will keep searching
  22. You should be pleased with the image, i would be
  23. Just to throw in an extra option, try AS!2 too
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