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  1. As Steve says, 10 FPS max, else it compresses the output. My avatar was taken with my SPC900 on an SLT 130 scope using a 5x barlow. It was a total of 1500 frames (so 150 secs) captured via sharpcap, then post processed with PIPP, AS!2 and photoshop CS6 Take your time, expecially with focusing, to get it spot on. The image will be fuzzy at best I expect, and will not show loads of details (guess it depends upon your scope) but post processing extracts all there is. Also, depending on your scope, you may not reach focus without a barlow - my 130 won't focus close enough without a 2x attached Chris
  2. Hi, I use Astro Torillia once I'm close - how far out can it cope with being? My issue, at least last night, was getting it to point anywhere close to the correct place and not being able to see where it was pointing was a pain - too used to visual I guess. Is the consensus that an eyepiece is jusu not used, and everything is done via the camera and it's screen and / or the laptop? What if there is no laptop, such as working as a remote dark site and just using the scope and DSLR - how easy is it to get aligned then?
  3. Hi, First night out yesterday to try imaging with new scope and mount. Was pretty pleased overall, but had difficulty getting aligned. Using Cartes-de-ciel and EQMOD to guide the mount, but with a Canon DSLR attached had great difficulty 'seeing' what I was aiming at. Liveview screen was impossible to see stars on, and very time consuming to keep taking a photo and studying it. Do most folks get set up with an eyepiece so you can see what's what before attaching the camera, or do you all have the luxuary of a permanent set up which doesn't get moved from one session to the next? Any help to get to a point where I can set up and image in less time would be appreciated. Thanks Chris
  4. New (to me) equipment managed to get a try out yesterday with first clear night in a while. 30 x 45 sec lights at ISO 800, plus darks and bias, then 10 x 15 sec for the core and overlaid using photoshop. Mirror had dew / ice so had to stop As a first attempt at a DSO I'm pleased, but what do you guys and gals think...... Chris
  5. I was looking for one for ages, until last weekend, and prices were anywhere from 350 - 575 but 450 - 500 was the norm
  6. Hi and welcome, hope you enjoy your stay
  7. I found AS!2 better than Registax for processing video clips
  8. Lucky you can see anything, been cloudy here since I got my new scope - coincidence?
  9. Without starting a fight, shows US education system at it's best
  10. My motors (3 gears not 2), control board (handset, power and st4 ports) and polarscope led are all as in the pics - guess that means the main board has been changed too, so should all be good to go
  11. I have the same motors - 3 gears not 2, and network board with handset, power and st4 ports on it, also led on polar scope - all as shown in the pics. Assume the board has been changed if these other bits have - so assume it's good to go.
  12. Would be useful if nobody else is able to help, thanks - pic would be good too if you could
  13. so far as I know it was upgraded, except for the handset. Not sure how to tell though, hence the thread. If I point to a star in Carte du Ceil, and tell it to slew, it goes right there, controlled via EQMOD. My understanding is that EQMOD takes the place of the handset, but trying to check - again hence the thread. Is the board a certain colour, gears look different. anything that would tell me it has the right bits to take the handset? Chris
  14. Had the same issue with an HEQ5 - couldn't see it at-all pointed at a white ceiling. Glad you got it sorted
  15. I've an HEQ5 which runs via EQMOD on a laptop with cable plugged into the handset port on the mount (USB on the PC) I'd like to get a handset - about £150 + cable on the Net to use without the need for a PC I think I have the correct motors and boards in the mount - else EQMOD wouldn't work is that right? Since EQMOD does work, does that mean a handset will work too, or is there more too it than that, something else I need to check to be sure? Any advice / help welcomed Chris
  16. Nice, got a new scope myself, hope my first is anywhere close to yours
  17. Hope to be following in your shoes soon, as bought decent scope, mount and camera yesterday - see if I can get a shot in under 3 years
  18. Sounds most sensible to me
  19. Apologies for the cloud - new (well to me) scope and mount yesterday, so guess it's cloud for a while now
  20. I've wondered the same, but don't think Stellarium requires a network connection, so unless it knows about the comet in advance (and lots are found not predicted) then it can't show them. There are specific websites dedicated to comets though, so perhaps they are better
  21. Nice pics, hope to get some gear to be able to take my own very soon
  22. I've a Celestron with an old firmware version, and have thought about upgrading, BUT, there is nothing the scope is doing wrong, so haven't bothered. Sort of think, if it ain't broke..... If the upgrade were to fail for some reason, then I have a busted scope. So, what is there in the upgrade you want, or what does the scope not do that the upgrade fixes?
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