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  1. Agree about Pete. Does anyone know what happened to Paul Abel? He was very instrumental in saving the program after all!
  2. Thanks for the welcome's everyone. I may be on here a lot if the weather doesn't improve !!! There's only so many times I can take my kit out to check it and pack it away again.
  3. Hi. I'm Paul, username Astrocookie... Not new to astronomy, just the forum. I may have been a member years ago but forgot my login so thought it was time to resubmit. I have been 'into' astronomy since childhood but became active in 2011 when I was bought a SW130 reflector. Since then i've become hooked and now have a ED80 Pro and enjoy budget astrophotography. I like to make my own equipment where possible and have made a powertank, bahtinov mask, repaired and modded DSLR, finderguider, remote hub with AstroEQ and various supply controls and gamepad, remote USB DSLR trigger with timed image
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