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  1. Taken 2 nights ago during the clear spell we had. 

    11 x 10m Ha, 11 x 5m 2xbin RGB so close to 6 hours.

    Taken with my SuperNewt 8inch F2.8 with QHY9 Mono, TSOAG guide with QHY5

    I have tried some different processing methods on this one. Namely some deconvolution techniques and mixing the Red and Ha into a HaR channel and the HaR as a luminosity channel.  I guess it makes it a (HaL)(HaR)GB image :)

    The main stacking / calibration and processing was done in PixInsight with the channel combinations of HaL and HaR done in CS5


    IC405 Final HaLHaRGB.jpg

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  2. 1 minute ago, Daniel-K said:

    Nice to see you back cat. Ive been abcent for 10 months or so my self.

    Did they put thay shopping center up at the back of you or did they put it off?

    Great effort for your come back

    Hi mate and thanks for the comments as to all those welcoming me back.

    Nah, we managed to get the shopping centre rejected at the council, now they are trying for houses but getting nowhere. Houses are ok (ish) but at least no shopping centre :)


  3. I am pondering selling my F2.8 reduced Newt for one of these.


    Has anyone got any experience with them such as pro's and con's ?

    Getting kinda frustrated with the 8inch reflector and trying to run it at F2.8 with all of the collimation / tilt issues and I have been toying with the idea of a simpler set up and longer FL for galaxy imaging which I really love.

  4. Well it has been a long time, over 2 years probably since I posted and I got very disheartened with the scopes. Some of you may remember I bought a SuperNewt, basically a 8inch GSO type reflector with a 0.73 ASA reducer / corrector matched to it.

    It turns it into a 8inch F2.8 light bucket, but along with that comes collimation, tilt, focus and many many other problems that basically left me nearly selling all the kit and giving up the hobby especially with the UK weather the way it is.

    Any hows, long story short, I kept the kit and last month dedicated my time to getting all the issues sorted out. Namely the flats, tilt and horrid star shapes. I sorted out the tilt with strong focuser bracing / screws, replace the primary springs with stiffer Bob Knob ones and stripped the optical train and ensured all distances were the same. Took about a month of test and this is the final test image.

    Taken on my SuperNewt 8inch F2.8 with a QHY9 mono in 7nm Ha and about 4 hours in 10 min subs. at F2.8 during a full moon night.

    Kinda rusty in PixInsight and Photoshop as it has been sometime, and although I still have issues with star shapes, it is miles better than it was before . Learning all over again.


    Hopefully it isn't too shabby and hopefully I will be a regular member again on the forum.





    Rosette 2016.jpg

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  5. mmm, like this and definately one for me to give a go at with 600mm FOV

    Loads of structure there, should be able to get HA and colour with my fast scope in one night.

    Well processed mate and definately add colour to it if you can.

  6. Really starting to get back into my imaging again and it is fun during the warm summer nights. A glass of red wine, the dog laying out keeping guard the targets slowly rising above the warm house make for interesting and brief imaging sessions.

    I have also swapped out the TS OAG and even discarded the Side By Side set for guiding and gone straight ED80 piggyback on top of the Newt. The whole lot was just too heavy going Side By Side and the TS OAG was doing my head in. Seems to work with 10mins guiding.

    I was going to have a pop at the Veil Nebula, but the big old house would have meant I would only get a couple of hours on it during the short night, so I plucked for IC 1396 thinking it would make a good wide field object for my 600mm FOV.

    I started off collecting 10m HA subs on the PowerNewt running at its maximum of F2.8 reduced. But then I thought, well lets go for a 1st and get some colour into it as well.

    I have never binned before, so I set up MaximDL and got an hour and a bit worth of LRGB binned x 2 and continued for the rest of the night collecting the Ha.

    So in total,

    15 x 10min Ha unbinned

    8 x 2min binned x 2 for each LRGB channel.

    A quick process later and the results are not too bad for a short summer session over the hot house.

    Oh and the dog doesn't like the scope slewing either, just the right pitch to send a GSD crazy :)

    Scope : TS PowerNext 200mm @ F2.8

    CCD : QHY9 Mono with 2inch filters

    Guide : ED80 piggybacked with QHY5 + PHD

    Mount : NEQ6Pro

    Processing : PixInsight, CS5.5

    Hope you like.


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