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  1. Wiped down the scopes etc and left them in thier open cases with the end covers off in a warm room facing the morning sun. Got up this morning and they are perfectly dry and clean
  2. M51, had to give it a go when got the guider PHD working with shoestring on EQ6. 1 x 5 min sub. Still gotta work on my focusing, but I am chuffed
  3. Perfect skies clear all night not a cloud. Experienced my 1st dew problems. What do you do with your scopes when they are wet from dew including the front lens ? I have wiped them down and left them in a warm room hoping the lens clear. Didn't dare clean the lenses ? Is this the best way ? Got Polaris just as he peep'd out, balanced perfectly and even managed my 1st 3 star alignment. Every thing after that hit center of imaging scope perfectly. Did a few fav's M57 and M27 before moving to main target, M51 Also managed eventually to get my PHD guider to work. **** it is difficult getting it to focus and lock on a star... But managed to get it working. So managed 10 min subs and even got some images of M51 Even tried a 12 min sub, but light pollution might have killed it. Will have to check it out later.
  4. Want to try and get my guiding scope working and lots of data from M51 and M63 to name a few. All set, just waiting for Polaris to show up so can align and then mount scopes and balance
  5. Guys and Gals, I am imaging with an ED120 and a DSLR guided and am trying to work out light pollution filters. A few questions 1. Where does the filter go ? I am guessing between the camera and the scope. But I use a T Piece so how do I do it ? 2. Can anyone show me a link to buy the recommended LP filter for my setup please ? Many thanks Cat
  6. They let a woman drive the ISS /Cat Ducks
  7. HEQ5 then when u are ready go for a scope. Made the same decision myself last week and if you get into it, then you will want a scope and a guider, plus t pieces and definately want that £500 worth of astrotrac recooping
  8. Just pop to B&Q and get a new pack of 5 bubbles and replace when needed.
  9. Cheers everyone for this thread. Downloaded it all and got it working with my EQ6 Pro mount and lappy via Stellarium and StellariumScope
  10. Guys, I have the kit in my signature, ED80 guided and ED120 for main scope with a DSLR Sony A700 attached (Decent camera). I have seen pictures with HA OIII etc etc and red / green / blue channels pictured. Now I have only used my camera in RAW mode and messed with in DeepStacker. How do you take separate channel pictures to later merge them ? I think I know that HA requires a modded camera. Is that Correct ? Are the Red and Blue channels done with filters ??? Can someone please give me in laymans terms how with a DSLR on a scope to take separate channel pictures please and then roughly he processing needed to be done, ie what programs ? Many thanks Cat
  11. Thanks all for the warm welcome. Learnt so much over last few weeks on the net. Currently trying to get the Ascom Driver for EQ working with Stellarium Scope to give me an alternative Goto system other than the SkyScan. Just doing it for the fun of it, since I have the software and cables. Already have a panoramic view of my garden plugged into Stellarium all lined up perfectly that I use. Would be nice to click on the Stellarium and have the scope go directly there and track
  12. Where are you mate ? I am new as well and live in Sandbach
  13. Well I have been scoping for about 3 weeks and started off with a tripod and Sony DSLR 700 with a 500mm lense after seeing some shots on a Canon DSLR forum section. Soon got the bug after stacking some subs and getting a faint galaxy on board. I was hooked. I have always loved astronomy and did Astro / Nucluer / Particle Physics at Liverpool uni. Now I can afford the kit since working now. So time for a scope and as typical I went over board...... Anyone say newbie with more money than sense..... ? Well bought a Skywatcher ED 80 and a cheap EQ5 and managed to get some good pictures of M57 Lyra ring. Well 2 days later went out and spent some money. So now I have a EQ6 ProScan mount with a Skywatcher ED 120 pro Diamond black with a piggy back ED 80 Pro. DSLR Sony A700 connected to main scope and a PL 130m connected as a guider for the ED 80 Yes gone totally overboard with this new hobby, but sold a lot of remote controlled planes to fund it all and always been into astromony. So that is me, a very keen and well 1 month old UK astrophotographer. A few pictures, my setup minus the cameras and a shot of M57 (10 30sec stacks with 900mm with 3x Barlow on the ED120 through clouds. Only cropped, no zoom)
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