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  1. It's been taken in RAW mono and need debayering, looking at that... I have the same camera.. :) SS In fact I think you have done that will all the images above, what software are you using for capture, in Firecapture you can take in RAW mono mode, which is easier, and needs less computer power, but then check the debayer box to convert to the full colour image, which is what I do, and I would assume you wanted colour images, as you have the colour version of the camera. :) SS
  2. It's €230 and at today's rate that is £175.....go for it, the exchange rate is the best it has ever been for us since it was introduced..... :) SS
  3. Yes I just watched it, absolutely awesome, well they say that there are more stars up there, than there are grains of sand on the earth, and i can well believe it, not that it could be proved either way...... :) SS
  4. Yes you are right, I can just about make them out....went a bit cross eyed though...lol :) SS
  5. Hi, I too have just acquired a pristine second hand ZS66SD and am well chuffed with it, and am hoping for my 50th birthday later this year, I am going to be treated to a new Quark to try in this scope, so was good to see what to expect from it, I also have the WO field Flattener 0.8x reducer with it also. :) SS
  6. Sorry But does not resemble Jupiter really, I have to be honest... Keep trying though, it's a long learning curve :) SS
  7. Mine works fine with 10 meters of active USB extension cables, but I have a powered hub at the scope end, which is a must. :) SS
  8. Looks like your tracking is off, how long were the exposures and were you auto guiding, I would guess not, if your polar alignment is off this is was will happen with exposures over a few seconds without guiding. :) SS
  9. Hi, Superb I like the one at f20 the best, although all three are excellent :) SS
  10. Hi, I upgraded mine with a single speed one from Teleskop Service, I have attached a pic of it, it works superbly, although I sold it last week as I upgraded to a William Optics ZS66SD. Regards SS
  11. Perhaps it is a lite version like they used to put on the windows 7 net books in the early days, so it will run like the full version but they omit all the things that are not really used a lot, like all the language packs, and also a lot of the features that would only be used if it were installed on a desk top. I had it on an old netbook once and there was no option for dual monitor display which I wanted in the obsy, so had to install full version, but these are things that don't matter for your usage. :) SS
  12. That makes sense, as buying the full version of the operating system alone would be more that the £90 for the tablet. So I can't see how that could do them so cheap with a full version, it sound like the same version that is installed on some of the cheaper Microsoft surface tablets.I stand corrected, just read your latest posts..... Oh well may get one myself then :) SS
  13. If you do get the clip in filter, and you have an unmodded camera or a canon camera with the usual single filter removed, then you only need the CLS LP filter not the CLS CCD LP which is more expensive, the reason being the difference is one has the IR cut and the cheaper one does not, but there is still an IR cut filter in your canon camera after the mod, the second filter in these cameras is left in for that reason. Unless of course you have a full spectrum mod and both filters have been removed, then you would need the CCD version. Hope that helps and congrats to me on an edit button and the option to sell on here....my 250th post. :) SS
  14. Watching this thread with great interest..... :) SS
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