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  1. Hello, I don't know if any of you is using those Phidgets boards, but in case some do, I've developped two drivers for them. One for the 1060 board, that drives 2 CC motors (PWM mode) and one for the 1062/1063 boards which control stepper motors. For those who can read french, it's here. For the others, here are the direct download links : - 1062/1063 driver - 1060 driver The texts inside them are in french, though... If there are needs, then I can create an english version. The 1060 driver can connect remotely to the board, via the Phidget's webservice. This way, you can control/modify your focus from another PC, which will think it has a focuser connected on. Be aware, though, that Ascom is a bit old now and does not like the way Phidgets deal with connections/deconnections. So, if you change the connection method, then you should restart the client application before using the focuser; else you will get errors. I hope this will be useful to you. Edit: these drivers are .NET drivers and will only work with the latest version of Ascom. Right now, it's 5.5 RC6. You can get it on the Yahoo group devoted to Ascom, in the "Files" section. Best regards, ________ Christophe
  2. Thank you for your comment ! If you find anything I could add and that I haven't thought of, you're welcome
  3. Hello, here is a beta version of BafTrack (v1.4.3) which contains the following changes : added a new option for stopping/parking the mount removed the Phidget installation program better handling of languages and minor changes in them "classical" BafTrack won't be supported anymore 1 : the new "File" option allows BafTrack to track the creation of a (user specified) file that will act as a switch to stop tracking. It can be a picture taken by a sequencer or any program that writes something to the disk. For example, you could tell BafTrack to monitor the "c:\images\atik" folder in order to detect the creation of the file "ngc281_Ha_28.fit". As soon as this file is created, BafTrack will stop the tracking and park the mount (if option is checked, of course). This new option does not need the "Program" button to be pressed. You activate it by checking the corresponding box. However, if a duration or a specific time is programmed, then the first of these two events that is raised (duration/time or file creation) will stop the mount. 2 : old setup files were including the complete Phidget installation program. But, as this program is constantly evolving, I've found better to let the user do the updates himself. So you should now install the Phidget librairies before using BafTrack. That's no great deal and it does not consume much diskspace 3 : apart from the recently added Portuguese language, the setup nows checks for the installation language and sets automaticaly the BafTrack language accordingly upon installation. This way, users should not have to manipulate files by hand. 4 : from now on, only the Phidget version of BafTrack will be supported and will be improved. As this version can work both with and without Phidgets, the "classical" one is not useful anymore. Please note something important : Sometimes, depending on the OTA position and the pier shape, sending the "Park" order may make the tube hit the pier... This is not BafTrack's fault, but rather "EQMod" in this particular case. It happens because both motors (RA/DEC) are powered at the same time when the mount receives the park order. But only the RA axis has moved while tracking. So now, in BafTrack, I move the RA axis for 2 seconds in the opposite direction to ensure proper starting position for the park order. EQMod's authors and some clients are aware of this flaw, but it cannot be corrected easily as it depends on too different mountings. Some users may even never notice this ! As this version is a beta-version, you are encouraged to post here if you find any bug or if you want other functionnalities. Setup file is available on the Yahoo group, in the "BafTrack Phidget/beta" folder of the Files area. Have a nice day, _____________ Christophe
  4. Hello ! Some users of BafTrack were asking for a group dedicated to BafTrack, so I've created it : baftrack : BafTrack I've put online a more complete version that is using some extra boards (Phidgets) to detect the "physical" contact between tube & pier. Of course, you can still program it for a given time or a duration. An example of real use can be found on my site : AstroBaF - BaFTrack I'm sorry for the french language, but I think it's pretty self explanatory. This version was "private" until recently. Since I know that some guys are also using Phidget boards, I've decided to put it online. The group language is english, so anyone can participate. I hope you will find it useful. Have a nice night
  5. Thank you to all of you !
  6. Here's the correct version : http://www.lsp-fr.com/astro/baftrack/baftrack_setup-1.2.4.exe I apologize for any inconvenience
  7. I've made a mistake and pusblished the wrong version I've disabled the download link and will come back with the good version. In fact, I've swapped files between my dev PC and my home one... Sorry for the annoyance.
  8. Here's the new version of BafTrack 1.2.3, which permits now to park/stop tracking after a user selected duration (in minutes) : The file can be downloaded here : BaFTrack 1.2.3 If you check duration, and after hitting the schedule button, the window's title will show the exact time when the park/stop tracking will happen. Also, there's a count down running to keep you informed. The choice between "specific time" and "Duration" will remain between sessions. I hope you will find this program useful. If you see anything I can add, please do not hesitate to tell me. Regards, __________ Christophe
  9. Here the 1.2.2 release, which only corrects the EQMod version check bug : http://www.lsp-fr.com/astro/baftrack/1.2.2/baftrack_setup.exe The other modification needs more testing and is not yet available.
  10. Hello, I'm Christophe, aka Bec à Fuel, the author of BaFTrack, a small utility that parks scope automatically at a given time. I didn't know other people were using it and I just found a post here while testing baftrack on Google The least I can do is to come here and thank you.
  11. Hello, I'm the author of BaFTrack. I didn't know that someone other than me was using it Btw, I will publish an update tomorrow to correct a bug : the test of EQMod version doesn't work well. The recently v1.17 is not accepted as a good version Also, if I have the time, I will add an option for the set time of park or stop tracking : you will have the choice between a specific hour, like now, and a duration. With this option, you will be able to tell BaFTrack to do its job in 240 minutes. I think it's easier than calculating the resulting hour. Also, I've written a "private" version of BaFTrack which is waiting till the scope hits the pier. Here a simulation here : http://www.lsp-fr.com/astro/baftrack/baftrack.htm and a real test : http://www.lsp-fr.com/baftrack/contact.mpg The contact is near 3:40. So you can have a look at the first 30sec and then go to 3:40 to see the result. If you read french, you can have a look at this page : http://www.lsp-fr.com/astro/cms/index.php?page=baftrack Photos may help you to understand how I did it. If it can give you some ideas, don't hesitate to tell me what you're doing. I will come back here to tell you about the availability of this new version. Again, thank you for using this program
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