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  1. The browns worked out well then if the wind dies down, i'll try one with the barlow in
  2. Thanks for that link, something to think about.. i wont really need one yet, maybe save some money and have the rest paid for, for my birthday/christmas
  3. Thanks , realised after i should of probably flipped the imaged the right way >.<
  4. would the canon 450d be a good choice? i know its quite a lot of money but im into photography as well so id use it for more than just one thing
  5. was typing my reply and didnt see your post, whats a bayonet fitting? and my lens cant be removed
  6. i read somewhere about them before, id not place an order where it uses dollars if i could help it.. would i ever be able to do prime focus with my camera or only afocal? and with afocal is it possible to get dso? if not i wouldnt be too bothered about saving up for a dslr
  7. i own the sony h50, and was told i wouldnt be able to attach it to the telescope.. i found this and its just confused me.. Digital Camera Adapters for Telescopes does that mean i could attach my camera to the scope?
  8. been a great night tonight, apart from the wind making things slightly awkward. Very pleased for a first try, (not sure why the moon came out brown probably should have changed the camera settings but oh well) also saw saturn for the first time, im still amazed at that
  9. i think i get what you mean, i think the problem might be the bottom 'big screw with the black thing on top' (same way id describe it too) everythings tight on it, i'll have a play around with it later, be better tonight cause i'll have someone with me (hopefully)
  10. hmm just remembered, on the mount in the middle where the top part sits on the legs.. mine now seems to move.. like it lifts at an angle.. i dont remember noticing that before, also not sure if someone else has messed around with it.. is it supposed to be like that or should it be flat?
  11. i didnt even get it that big, it just looked like a tiny yellow/orange dot.. maybe it wasnt even saturn.. would be kinda frustrating if it wasnt cause id spent so much time lining it up in the finderscope.. then again it would be no fun at all if i found everything all in one night.. thing with jupiter, i have trouble staying awake around 4am to see it although the other morning i believe i saw it along with venus more to the east.. checked on stellarium for positions so if that was correct seeing two planets out at once was pretty mind blowing.. just wish id had my scope set up at that time
  12. i'll have another look tomorrow.. started getting a headache which didnt help anything.. when you line an object up in the finderscope do you always have to move the telescope a bit to find the object? also when the scopes in a position its awkward viewing through the finderscope.. any way of making that a little easier?
  13. all it came out as was a tiny dot.. could the weather/atmosphere play a part in it?
  14. erm if im right 10x and 25x ? also used the barlow.. im a complete newb so im not too sure of anything
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