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  1. Yep... I guess with the dT you are more likely to see the expansion will be negligible. In any case, watch out for overconstraining of any of the axes. On my printer there's a misalignment of at most 1mm over the range of the Z axis, but that was enough to increase friction *a lot* on the igus bushings. I had to loosen a couple of screws to allow some movement.
  2. Hello Gina, I'm following your thread with a lot of interest, since I have been planning a similar build for some time. One question, though: did you leave some built-in "give" to avoid over-constraining your axes? The difference in coefficients of expsinsion between the AL components and the wood frame (in particular given the size) can create some "interesting" issues there.
  3. Hello people, I haven't lurked around here in a long while, in part due to being tinkering with my 3D printer I just wanted to add something to the discussion: if/when any of you decide to buy one of those extremely cheap 3D printers, please find out if safety measures were dropped in the process of cutting the price down, and if so please correct that ASAP. I have see several articles about fires started by 3D printers (Anet A8 printers running firmware without thermal runaway protection come to mind). Have an extinguisher at hand, and resist the urge to leave your printer working in the basement while you go upstairs for long stretches of time. https://www.thissmarthouse.net/dont-burn-your-house-down-3d-printing-a-cautionary-tale/ Cheers!
  4. I'm not familiar with that focuser, but there's something weird with that number. If the motor you are using is similar to this one: https://arduino-info.wikispaces.com/SmallSteppers ...it mentions a (close to) 64:1 reduction at the output, with at least 2048 steps per revolution. Does that mean your focuser takes 3/4 of a turn for full travel? How long is the in-out travel of the focuser?
  5. Ok, people... I'm back I got a padded envelope today in the mail. Inside, a bunch of "toys" that I'm looking forward to put into use Things look fine so far, but I'll be testing them to see if everything is in working order. I ordered a lot of things I don't really need right away, so it may take some time It took close to 20 days to get the package to Michigan. Cheers!
  6. The delivery IS from China I ordered a bunch of things and received a tracking number that wasn't working the last time I checked. We'll see what happens...
  7. Do you really, *really* need a bare PIC? Could you use a PIC-based arduino clone (e.g. http://www.pinguino.cc/ ) ?
  8. Well... it all depends on what the wire for. If whatever you are planning to do with the arduino will imply movement solid wire may not be your best option.
  9. Interesting... The ATmega328P is $1.95 if you buy 2K of them (Digikey). Add the other stuff on the board and it becomes really hard to understand how they can sell this board for that price :/
  10. Has happened to me before, but I think I isolated the problem to static electricity being discharged through the USB plug into the port. Were you working on carpet?
  11. Check the products by a company called Austria Microsystems. They have some very nice toys
  12. Not suggesting for you to go this way, but: reducing the voltage of a motor to reduce it's speed is not *that* reliable. It's usually better to use PWM. As for your other questions: post pictures! It makes it easier to suggest improvements J
  13. I don't know how much your lid weights or how to dimension this so it won't be too hard for your actuator to *close* the lid. Maybe a company where you can return things with not too many questions asked is better? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Force-Stroke-Support-Struts-Spring/dp/B00A14IWAU
  14. I see :/ I would try it disconnecting all the other stuff, just in case... Same goes for finding deffective cables or components. A couple of times thing just stopped working for no apparent reason, and then we found that some of the "powered hubs" are not really powered, that some ports can supply less power than others, or that two ports that were "independent" shared a common power line. Best luck!
  15. Hello Gina, Is there any chance you are drawing too much power from the USB ports? I used to work developing a... "something" that included 8 cameras. You can't imagine all the time we spent solving weird problems like the ones you mention, when the issue was the amount of power being drawn from a port, or the voltagevoltage dropping too much on a hub. We fried a camera or two, but most of the time the problems were solved playing with the topology.
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